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Department of Marketing, Media, and Design Communications

Our subject area position  

At the intersection of the teaching and research activities of the Department of Marketing and Design Communication, which operates within the framework of the Institute of Marketing and Communication Sciences  


(Marketing / Media / Design / Communication = MMDC) is realized in its economic and social context. 

Our thematic approach and value proposition in the field of education, scientific and applied research  

Marketing communication, new media, audience participation  

Personal and organizational communication is not simply a strategic tool, but a tool for corporate existence and survival. Communication, which connects the individuals participating in the exchange process, plays an important role in the validation of thinking for market and marketing purposes. The tools used in the field of classic marketing communication (based on the technology and the attitude of the affected audiences) today are closely related to each other, overlap each other, and do not appear clearly and separately. They are less and less controllable from the corporate side. 

Design communication = designer researchers / researcher designers  

Design communication, creative design methodology, communication integrated into development. Design communication represents a relationship-building approach that appears as a BRIDGE between different disciplines and discourses, the phenomena of society and the economy. With its interdisciplinary and interprofessional method, it is possible to create a real-time connection between education, research and business. 

Our educational position  

Education is a successful sector, it must provide a sense of success for both students and professors. Students can experience, learn, experience, recognize and get to know things. Professors can perform, teach, express himself and have an audience.  

We reinterpret the roles of students and professors. Students no longer listen but, we could say, absorb experince during education and learning, and the main value during learning for the participants is that they have a way to “see and experience with they own eyes”, and even direct peers to observe with their “eyes”, to evaluate their own performance and to assess and understand their virtues and faults. Individual success can only be achieved through cooperation:  

For students:  

  • optimizing time – integrating learning and work situations  
  • real projects with stakes and benchmarks  

For educators:  

  • simultaneity of research and education  
  • collaborative education, equal collaborations, constructive feedback 
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