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Thesis topics

Resident colleagues

Benczes Réka

  • applied metaphor research
  • political communication
  • health communication

Béni Alexandra

  • visual communication
  • news media and media representation
  • framing studies

Bokor Tamás

  • digital media communication
  • human-computer interaction
  • digital pedagogy
  • media representation
  • media law and regulation

Havril Ágnes

  • Intercultural communication: interdependence of language use and culture
  • Verbal, nonverbal communication in the intercultural communication interactions
  • Culture shock; cultural diversity; cultural integration in the globalized tertiary education
  • Culture and identity: immigration; acculturation; language use  
  • Gender based communication
  • Constructs of worldviews: Cultures, geo-cultural and geo-political issues of Central Asia and the Middle-East
  • Media; Media Semiotics

Kárpáti Andrea

  • Visual communication
  • Fashion communication: history and contemporary trends
  • Exhibition communication in museums / trade shows
  • Design Thinking in communication

Kovács Lajos

visual communication

film, video, social media (YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok)

organizational communication

Labov Jessie

  • new media/digital media/social media as a cultural phenomenon
  • film and television analysis (as well as subsequent hybrid formats)
  • media archaeology; historical research on media theory, form and practice

Pelle Veronika

  • Media literacy, digital literacy
  • Media education, digital competences
  • Children’s media use, digital parenting
  • New media communication

Rétvári Márton

  • Video games and their influence
  • Esports Virtual reality
  • Digital marketing practices

Szabó Lilla

  • political discourse
  • language and society
  • figurative framing

Szántay Antal

  • Inequalities in Communication and Media
  • Films and history
  • History of popular music and culture
  • Digital Humanities

Székely Levente

  • youth, generations
  • media consumption
  • empirical research

PhD Students

Adámi Zsanett

  • Intra- and interpersonal communication about adoption – Adoption communication
  • Communication within the family

Bozdag Utku

  • applied metaphor research
  • political discourse

Csáki Csilla

  • health communication
  • artficial intelligence

Cziráky Fanni

  • communication in sport
  • social psychology related topics (identity)

Háló Gergő

  • sociology of science
  • communication theory

Horváth Evelin

  • CGI-technology, virtual characters
  • image and video manipulation

Illés Tekla

  • political communication

Kovács-Magosi Orsolya

  • environmental communication 

Muratalieva Aizhamal 

  • migration/migrant discourses, social identity 
  • ethnic minorities
  • xenophobia and otherization in media

Mwangi Zipporah

  • Social media use

Özkan Beste Naz 

  • organizational communication

Szabó Kincső

  • advertising marketing
  • gender stereotypes and visual rhetoric
  • job advertisements in organizational communication

Taxner Tünde

  • media literacy
  • (media) teaching methods

Till Anilla

  • sustainability communication
  • environmental communication 

Uricska Erna

  • digital organisational communication

Veloso da Silva Admilson

  • Instagram studies
  • Youth self-presentation

Vinczéné Fekete Lídia

  • student emotions / engagement 
  • instructional communication
  • user emotional responses to video information 

Zivanovic Aleksandra 

  • Fashion communication 
  • Advertising marketing Luxury/Sustainable Fashion 
  • Environmental communication 
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