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Student support services

The Student Support Services team welcomes You on their website. We would like You to know that you are not alone at Corvinus.
Licenced psychologists and mental health professionals offer their help and expertise:

… to support your mental well-being,
… to think about your decisions regarding your professional life, or to improve your CV,
… or to develop your learning skills,  to support you as learner, and
… to support you if you have special education needs (SEN).

As a student at Corvinus University, you can take advantage of services like psychological counseling, help with your CV, tips for studying, and support from equal opportunity experts. These sessions are voluntary, free, and kept confidential.

Just click the “Registration for Individual Counseling” button to schedule a session, and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days. If you don’t hear from us in that time, reach out to us at studentsupport@uni-corvinus.hu.

Depending on availability, we’ll try to set up a consultation appointment within a few weeks.

Actualities, events and trainings

2023/24 spring events

CONNECT to our English speaking community every other week for 2 hours of socializing, learning and having fun!

Come to our first event of the semester with friends, or by yourself to join a team in this “Escape room” challenge.

Imagine this: As a Corvinus student you want to start your spring semester, sign up for the classes, attend events… but you forgot your Neptune password!
The only way to get back into the system is if you solve the clues and piece the puzzle together.
Will you manage before the time runs out?

The event will be in Napközi (Building E basement)

When: 2024. February 12th at 17:30.

See you there! 

Planned schedule for the semester, more details later:

(We reserve the right to change the program and dates)

March 4th – Impro workshop

This evening will be about improvisation: connect to the community with games and new ideas, that might surprise you!

March 18th – Movie Night

This night is not just about watching a movie, but also talking and thinking about it. Popcorn is included!

April 8th – Quiz Night

Join a team for the night and try your knowledge in this POP QUIZ. Amazing prize for the winning team!

April 22nd – Building a career in Hungary

This event will be centered around the question of career and the search for your path during or after your years at Corvinus. Join the team to find out more about the challenges you might need to face!

2023/24 autumn events

CONNECT to our English speaking community every other week for 2 hours of socializing, learning and having fun!

September 11thJoin our community

Join us for a night of reconnecting and meeting new faces during an event centered around mindful communication.

September 25th – Cultural Networking

Join us if you’d like to make some international connections
and exchange ideas.

October 9th – Quiz night
During this night you can join a team in a popcultural
Quiz while making some new friends.

October 16th – Movie Night
Watch a movie with us and stay for a discussion after!
Snacks are on us!

November 20th – Develop your skills
This event will focus on developping some skills
that can help you study and get ready for the exam period!

Every other Monday, 17:30-19:30

NapKözi, E building basement

More information in the https://fb.me/e/3esQYZF6u

MENTALWEEK – the week of mental health 2023

10th of October is the “World mental health day”.
Student Support Services invites you to a lot of programmes of the week of mental health between the 9th and 12th of October.
We hope we are going to meet there!

*** CONNECT & Movie Night ***
CONNECT to our English speaking community for 2-3 hours of socializing, learning and having fun. It’s the perfect opportunity for students to come together, make new friends, and foster those first introductions that help to build a strong community.
On the 9th of October watch a movie (The Wolf of Wall Street) with us and stay for a discussion after!
Snacks are on us!
When: 9th October 5:30pm
Where: E build. basement, NapKözi chill zone
Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/3esQYZF6u
See you there!

*** NapKözi feat. Mentálhét: Rapid date & special Game Night ***

NapKözi is a vibrant community, and also a community space designed for students to have fun, connect, and engage in self-discovery.
On the 10th of October NapKözi presents
❤️ Rapid Dating Night:
Looking to meet new people or make potential connections? Join our Rapid Dating Night for an evening of quick conversations and friendly interactions.
🎲 Board Game Night Self-reflection edition:
Gather your friends and enjoy some quality time playing board games. It’s all about fun, self-awareness and bonding!
When: 10th October 5:30pm
Where: E build. basement, NapKözi chill zone
See you there!

*** OPEN DOOR “Decision Techniques” plenary session ***

Let’s meet and talk about mental health issues, brought by the students regarding their seminar projects from the field of mental health.
English plenary session: 11th of October 8am
Where: C build.103

*** Sport day ***

An interesting Sport day is going to be organized on the week of mental health 2023, by the Student Support Services and the Physical Education Department.
Are you ready for a sitting volleyball game?
We offer a program where you can learn about yourself and others at the same time, and the link to this is none other than sport.
Come and experience for yourself what it’s like to play sitting volleyball.
On the sport day, you and your team can try out sitting volleyball and other parasport challenges. All you need to do is register your team of 4-6 people at the following link:
You can register your team until the 9th of October, 12:00.
We welcome students, lecturers and staff members from Corvinus to the event, registration is free of charge for them.
Let’s meet on the 11th of October, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Location: Building E, Aula
Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1iJm89vQt
See you there!
Please note: we reserve the right to change all the programs.

2022/23 spring events

CONNECT to our English speaking community every other week for 2 hours of socializing, learning and having fun!

February 27th – Join our community

March 13th – ReConnect
Join us for a night of reconnecting and meeting new faces during an event centered around mindful communication.

March 27th – Connect and Communicate
This event is going to focus on cultural and language

April 17th – Movie Night
Watch a movie with us and stay for a discussion after! Snacks are on us!

April 24th – Quiz night
This evening is all about team building: compete with others during the quiz, while making some new connections.

May 22nd – Summer Vibes
Last Connect event of the semester: looking forward to the summer and refelcting on the past semester.

Every other Monday, 17:30-19:30

NapKözi, E building basement

More information in the fb event.

CareerLab in Corvinus


What does success mean to you? What are the most important ingredients for a successful career path? Is there a recipe?

The way we see it, success is embracing individual opportunities. Not a ready-made recipe, but more of you finding and adjusting your own strategies, for which trial and error, evaluating your options and ingerdients are crucial.

We can choose from various life strategies, which means that we should not look for a single correct solution, but rather for personalized opportunities.

CareerLab is a series of programs aimed to help you find your own path while discovering the steps you can take along the way.

What to expect:

* Living Library – The Relativity of Success (HU/ENG)
You can have an honest conversation with real people about success and career.
Location: E building, Zsibongó
Date and time: March 28, 12 pm-2 pm
No registration is required, all are welcome!

** CV Counseling – Knowing yourself is the key to a genuine CV (HU/ENG)
Show us your resume and we will give you some feedback on it.
If you were not able to book a counseling session now, but still want to improve your CV, let us know that you are interested in our online CV training!
Location: E building (you will be notified by email)
Date and time: March 28, 20-minute time slots are available.
Registration: https://forms.office.com/e/KmtFEQHK9b

More information in the fb event.

2022/23 autumn events

Connect – to the University Communitiy!

Join our English speaking community event where you can get to know your fellow students, exchange languages and cultures. The Student Support Services team created this event in order to facilitate and strengthen connections between students at the university.
The first topic for the semester is finding pathways and ties to the university community where you can engage in some networking through playful activites in a spontaneous way.
In upcoming occasions (10th Oct, 24th Oct, etc…) we will have different topics every 2 weeks related to social life, academics and culture, but you as a student will also be invited to have a say in what you would like to see next.

No registration needed.
Hope to see you there!
Date: 2022. September 26th
Time: 17:30 – 19:30
Place: Napközi

The event is free of charge for students of Corvinus.

Surviving and thriving in the wake of pandemic – Mental health promoting group

It is nearly the third year since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared in our lives. Undoubtedly, it had and still has an impact on our lives and mental health. Social distancing, isolation, recurring quarantines, grief and fear, uncertainty, changing living conditions and future perspectives, and existential anxiety are just some of the direct or indirect effects caused by the pandemic that we had to face in the last three years. In such crisis situations, it is essential to focus on our mental health, reflect on our well-being and try to prevent the emergence of further problems.
Our mental health promoting group consists of 5 sessions and it aims to help develop coping strategies in relation to the mental health distress caused by the pandemic. Through discussions, joint reflections, and group and individual exercises the program will focus on the following topics in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic:
● What is it like to be a student online and how can we return to the offline world?
● How does the pandemic influence peer relationships/friendships and what can we do?
● How does the pandemic affect our family relationships?
● What are some ways to deal with stress, tame anxiety and befriend our nervous system?
● How does this period affect our motivation and achievement?
● Dealing with changes in daily schedules, time management
● What can I do for my mental health and for the others in my surroundings?
● How to better regulate our emotions, deal with various moods, and prepare for future challenges?
Participation in the group is free, however, it is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.
For this reason, we kindly ask you to apply only if you are able and willing to take part in all of the 5 sessions.

13 October
20 October
3 November
10 November
17 November
Timing: 10:30 AM – 2 PM
Room: E124

How to apply?
You can apply by filling out the following form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx…
Application deadline: 30th of September

Who will lead the group?
– Adrienn Kroó will facilitate the group meetings. Adrienn is a clinical psychologist and EMDR therapist working at the Trauma Centre.
– Tamás Csikós, student support psychologist from the Corvinus University will act as co-facilitator.
The group is organized in cooperation with the Trauma Centre which was established in 2018 based on strong professional pillars and methods with the aim to provide care for people who experienced trauma. Our priority is to support disadvantaged or prejudiced social groups, as well as the rehabilitation of people whose financial or social situation does not allow them to have access to professional and continuous mental health support.
Our goals also include the sensitization and training of those who get in contact with traumatized people during their work about the specific trauma-related aspects of working with their clients or co-workers. We also consider it important to improve general social knowledge and awareness about mental health with the aim of maintaining health and preventing disorders.

Find more information here: www.traumakozpont.hu

Focus on your focus – 3 sessions training for planned learning

– Do you want to plan your studies, but you don’t know how to start?
– Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which task to start with?
This training is for those who want to improve in the areas of learning organization, time management and course material processing. On the 3 sessions, we learn about different study planning and time management methods.

Dates of the trainings: 20th of October, 3rd of November, 7th of November
Time: 15:00-17:30
Application deadline: 14th of October
Max. number of participants: 10 people
Place: E161 (TBD)
Registration link: https://forms.office.com/r/AStwjsFCtf

For students of Corvinus registration is free of charge. We reserve the right to change the program. Details in the fb event.

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