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Stipendium Hungaricum

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme offers the opportunity for non-EU nationals to study in Hungary for free based on a bilateral agreement between Hungary and more than 70 countries/territories.  Click here to see if your country is included and which study programmes are available.

Why should you apply to Corvinus?

  • Corvinus University offers more than 20 programmes in our specialist areas – Business and Management, Economics and Social Sciences – at Bachelor, Master (including MBA) and PhD levels in English.
  • The campus is located in the heart of Budapest, capital of Hungary, which is a vibrant international city with many work opportunities, and the main centre for Hungarian scientific and cultural life.
  • The university receives thousands of students from all over the world, with an active international community that will allow you to enhance your professional and personal network.
  • The programmes offered at Corvinus rank among the best in Europe, with supportive professors and a constant integration between theoretical foundation, practical projects and market immersion.  
  • Budapest has easy access to other major cities in Europe (the EU), with facilitated transport by road, railway or air travel. Thus, you have a fantastic opportunity to travel in Europe whilst studying in Hungary!

Application – For our next September intake

You have to apply for your chosen study program via the scholarship website and NOT directly at the university. Please check Tempus Public Foundation’s website regarding the deadlines and the application process.

Applications are open from mid-November to mid-January, with the admissions process happening early in the calendar year, so that successful applicants can start their studies in September. Applicants can choose from a variety of programmes available in English at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels at Corvinus University of Budapest*.

*Programme availability is subject to nationality.

Benefits offered by the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

  • Free tuition for the duration of your studies
  • Allowance to support the living costs
  • Free medical insurance
  • University accommodation or an additional 40,000 HUF (c. €110) per month (accommodation allowance) for the duration of your studies at all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

Please note that allowances are only paid to actively enrolled students. I.e. if you are a scholarship holder taking a passive semester, you will receive no allowances for that semester.

How to apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

The application has to be submitted via the Stipendium Hungaricum website before 2 p.m. (CET) on 15 January 2024. Applicants can choose two programmes in their application – the first choice being their main priority. After that, there are a few steps in the admission process:

  • Technical check from Tempus Public Foundation, which sponsors the programme
  • Nomination by the sending partners (country of origin of the applicant)
  • Admission process with Corvinus
  • Scholarship award process (Tempus Public Foundation)
  • Unconditional letter of acceptance for your programme of study (Corvinus)
  • Visa process to travel to Hungary, then documentation process in Hungary
  • Enrolment at Corvinus.

Please refer to the Study in Hungary website for more details on the application process.

Eligibility and non-eligibility:

The eligibility to apply for a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship at Corvinus University of Budapest varies depending on a number of factors, including each country’s academic priority, your programme of interest and your academic and professional background.

  • Nationality: you can check which academic disciplines are supported by your country.
  • Programme of interest: check the Study Finder tool for options available for your respective level (Bachelor, Master, PhD) at Corvinus and then check the programme-specific requirements.
  • Academic background: you can only apply for a Master, MBA, or PhD programme at Corvinus, if your previous studies meet a minimum number of credits for the course – see the “minimum ECTS”, stated in the “Entry Qualifications” section for each programme at: https://apply.stipendiumhungaricum.hu/.
  • Successful application: make sure your application meets all the requirements mentioned in the Call for Applications. Read the document carefully before applying.


  • Applicants born after 31 August 2006 (= applicants under 18 years old as of 31 August 2024),
  • Hungarian citizens (including dual citizens),
  • Students who have already been awarded a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship cannot apply for another scholarship at the same level or a lower level. For example, if you currently hold a scholarship to study MSc Marketing, you could not reapply for another scholarship to study at MA/MSc level (same level) or BA/BSc level (lower level).

Please refer to the Call for Applications section 2.2. Non-eligibility for all the details.

Admission process at Corvinus University of Budapest

The admission process with Corvinus University of Budapest happens if you are nominated by your country’s “sending partner”. It consists of the following phases:

  1. The review of your online application in the application system, and
  2. An online interview and/or online exam, depending on the programme you are applying for. Check specific entry criteria for each of our programmes, by clicking on the respective title here.

Applicants who pass the admission process must have their secondary/high school diploma or a degree obtained in a foreign education institution assessed and recognized by our legal department. Click here to read more about this mandatory step.

Once admitted, applicants receive their Letter of Acceptance from Corvinus and Letter of Award from Tempus Public Foundation. Only once you receive both these letters, you can proceed with the preparation for coming to Hungary. It is advisable to plan to arrive in Budapest by the last week of August to complete other administrative tasks (i.e.: requesting the Residence Permit) so you can start your studies on time.

Corvinus Ambassador Photos

How likely am I to be accepted? 

Successful admission depends on a strong and well-researched application. Make sure you meet all the requirements and choose the right programme.

Below statistics might help you better understand your chances:

  •  > 8,000 applicants to Corvinus
  •  > 1,000 nominated
  •  ≈ 300 nominees accepted

Don’t miss out on our webinars and get tips on how to make your Stipendium Hungaricum application.

Avaible programmes at Corvinus University of Budapest 

Click programme name for link on Study in Hungary website (and to apply). Keep in mind that not all courses are available to all countries, as each Sending Partner has their own list of priority programmes.

Bachelor/Undergraduate (BA/BSc):

For information about undergraduate programmes on our website, please click here. 

Master/Postgraduate/Executive (MA/MSc/MBA):

 For information about postgraduate programmes on our website, please click here!

Doctoral (PhD): 

For information about Doctoral Schools on our website, please click here.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check the following FAQs pages:

FAQs: Corvinus University of Budapest

FAQs Stipendium Hungaricum website

Still did not get an answer, feel free to contact our International Student Recruitment team by making an enquiry here.

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