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MyCorvinus Navigator

MyCorvinus Navigator

Corvinus University of Budapest

Why join?

  • Find out which competences are your strongest and which need improvement
  • Choose the compulsory and optional subjects that are most useful to you using the modes and career anchors
  • See which student organisations and colleges you should join
  • You can also attend invitation-only events
  • Get expert guidance on your academic and career path from mentors
  • Receive notifications about jobs that are relevant to you
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How does it work?

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

MyCorvinus Navigator is the University’s intelligent platform that helps you plan your university years and your career.

When you first log in, you will be asked to complete a 20-25 minute personality test, which will form the basis of your profile. It’s worth taking the time to complete the questionnaire as it will give you the most accurate results. In addition to your personality, your school leaving certificate results, language exams and course results from Neptune will complete your profile.

Our aim is to help you to jump into this world with Navigator, and to make you realise that you can also benefit from this type of additional service offered by the university.

Do you have any questions?

Accordion Content

Do you find all the descriptions and (percentage) values on your profil puzzling? Isn’t it easy to understand what your profile tells you and how you can leverage this information in your university life? Worry not, we can help you to develop the firm, correct interpretation! During our profile interpretation session, you go through each component of your profile step by step, together with a trained mentor who is expert in psychology. At the end of this free, unmoderated discussion with your consultant, you will receive a comprehensive guide, tailored to your profile and the discussion, as it is essential to have the correct, solid interpretation of your profile, before proceeding to setting your goals, or exploring the available opportunities. We recommend to leverage the available session right after you had set your profile up, but throughout your journey, you are more than welcome any time, in case you have questions about your profile. Recommended semesters for the consulting: 1-2.

– Which key competences are specific to me?

– Am I theoretical or practical? 

– In which university/workplace professional activity can I perform best?  

– What are the 3 career anchors that best describe me?

    Károly Vizdák – Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement and Methodology 

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Would you like to get an assistance to effectively navigate among the excessive number of professional opportunities available at the university? Do you have profound professional goals, but you are uncertain how to get there? Or would you like to experiment with various experiences, but you cannot place these colourful set of experiences into context? Apply to our orientation consultation, where you have the chance to consult with an experienced faculty, who can guide you to find your goals, and experiences that are the best fit to your interests. This can be particularly useful when you approach a professional decision (e.g. application period of colleges for advanced studies, application period of specialisations, internship application, etc.) and you would like to have an expert opinion on your preferences, plans. We recommend to apply to a session, if you have specific questions in academic orientation, for instance before you apply to the next semester’s courses. Recommended semesters for the consultation: 1-7.

– How should I plan my university career? 

– Which student organisation should I join? 

– How can I apply for a TDK?

– Which specialisation should I choose? 

– How do I start writing my thesis?

     Sejla Almadi  – Institute of Global Studies

     Katalin Ásványi – Institute of Sustainable Development

Bagó Péter - Vállalkozás és Innováció Intézet     Bagó Péter – Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

     Bakó Barna – Institute of Economics

     Bódis Lajos – Institute of Social and Political Sciences

      Fábics István – Institute of Accounting and Law

     Galla Daniella Dominika – Institute of Marketing and Communication Sciences

     Horváth László – Institute of Economics

     Hubert József – Institute of Marketing and Communication Sciences

     Jámbor Zsófia – Institute of Operations and Decision Sciences

     Jánny Mariann – Institute of Accounting and Law

     Kálecz-Simon András – Institute of Economics

     Keller Krisztina – Institute of Sustainable Development

     Kiss Olga – Institute of Social and Political Sciences

     Komár Zita – Institute of Marketing and Communication Sciences

     Krátki Noémi – Institute of Operations and Decision Sciences

     Lajer Zsolt Csaba – Institute of Accounting and Law

     Marjainé Szerényi Zsuzsanna – Institute of Sustainable Development

     Márkus Balázs – Institute of Finance

     Mátyus Bálint – Institute of Data Analytics and Information Systems

     Mente Kristóf – Institute of Accounting and Law

      Mike Nimród – Institute of Data Analytics and Information Systems

     Milassin Anda Nóra – Institute of Strategy and Management

     Révész Éva Erika – Institute of Strategy and Management

     Simay Attila – Institute of Marketing and Communication Sciences

     Szakadát László – Institute of Economics

     Szentesi Péter Ádám – Institute of Operations and Decision Sciences

     Szőts-Kováts Klaudia – Institute of Strategy and Management

     Szűcs Anita – Institute of Global Studies

     Szűcs Balázs Árpád – Institute of Finance

     Virág Attila – Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Accordion Content

Are you facing a career decision? Even during your university years, there are plenty of them: choosing a course, an internship, choosing a master’s degree, looking for a job, dilemmas related to your own business. Want to get a clearer idea of where you want to go next, what you can do to achieve your goals? Take a look at where you are now? With the support of an expert, you can take a look at your career goals, review your competences and skills map and make sure your CV really reflects them all. Thinking about yourself can also help you ask the right questions and get targeted help from your consultant. She will not give you ready-made solutions or suggest a specific job, but will help you to identify your skills and development paths. Working together will provide you with a compass for your future. Please send your CV to at least two days before the counseling session. Recommended semesters for the CV counseling: 6-7.

– What challenges do I face when entering the labour market? 

– Should I continue with a master’s degree or try finding a job? 

– How can I put together a strong CV? 

– What useful skills do I already have that will give me a good chance of applying for the job I want?  

– What kind of jobs should I apply for based on my CV?

     Zsuzsanna Gerencsérné Széles– Student Support Services

     Andrea Perényi – Student Support Services

     Fanni Pintér– Student Support Services

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