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From the beginning of April, MyCorvinus Navigator is available for all BA programmes

2024-04-09 17:05:00

We have now opened MyCorvinus Navigator, the University's career and life path planning platform, for all BA programmes and are starting testing it for one MA programme

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

From 8 April, in addition to the extension to the Applied Economics, International Relations, Finance and Accounting, Political Science and Sociology programmes, Navigator will be available for the first time to students of the MA in Enterprise Development as a pilot for master’s programmes. Thanks to the spring extension, more than 5,000 students will have the chance to participate in the programme. 

Navigator helps you plan your academic and career path based on your strengths and interests. For each programme, you can get personalised recommendations on how to develop your talents during your university years or even after graduation. Using the life path planner feature, you can choose which subjects you want to take, so you can build your complete university life path.  

An extended list of extracurricular activities is now available on the platform, so you can include your professional college or student organisation activities, your Science Club activities or your participation in other competitions in your life path. The list will be updated in the future with the latest opportunities offered by the university.  

In February, we reduced the number of questions in the personality test to 60, so that it now takes just 8-10 minutes to complete. In addition, we invite you to try our related personal services, such as profile interpretation consulting, orientation consultation and CV counseling. 

If you have already completed the personality test but would like to better understand your results, you can take part in our profile interpretation consulting sessions. If you have questions about life at university (e.g. adjustment to Corvinus, writing a thesis or choosing a specialisation) and you need support from your teachers, our 30 teacher mentors are happy to welcome you to their orientation consultation sessions. If you are about to finish your studies and would like to get personalised advice on how to put together your CV, choose one of our psychologist mentors for CV counseling. 

We will also attend the Corvinus Career Business Festival on 24-25 April, where you can meet our mentors in person or already book an appointment in advance. 

You can access Navigator’s life and career planning platform on the MyCorvinus Hub. If you’re interested in learning more about the programme, check out our two-minute video. For more details, visit our website or if you have any questions, you can also email navigator@uni-corvinus.hu! 

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