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University design elements

Department logos

Business Ethics Center
Department of Accounting
Department of Agribusiness
Department of Banking and Monetary Finance
Department of Business Law
Department of Business Studies
Department of Comparative and Institutional Economics
Department of Communication and Media
Department of Computer Science
Department of Decision Sciences
Department of Economic Policy and Labour Economics
Department of Finance
Department of Geography Geoeconomy and Sustainable Development
Department of Health Economics
Department of Infocommunication
Department of Information Systems
Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Department of Management and Organization
Department of Management Control
Department of Marketing Management
Department of Marketing Media and Design Communications
Department of Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour
Department of Mathematics
Department of Operations Research and Actuarial Sciences
Department of Organizational Behaviour
Department of Political Science
Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science
Department of Public Policy and Management
Department of Sociology and Social Policy
Department of Strategic Management
Department of Statistics
Department of Tourism
Department of World Economy
DSG German Management Training Programme
MNB Department

Design guide

Corvinus Design Guide 2021
Corvinus Design Guide 2021 (e-mail version)

Insitute logos

Institute of Business Economics
Institute for the Development of Enterprises
Institute of Communication and Sociology
Institute of Economics
Institute of Economic and Public Policy
Institute of Finance Accounting and Business Law
Institute of Information Technology
Institute of International Political and Regional Studies
Institute of Management
Institute of Marketing
Institute of Mathematics and Statistical Modeling
Institute of MNB

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Presentation template

Office usage

Corvinus Presentation template_EN
Word template
E-mail signature picture with accreditations
E-mail signature
Levélpapír/Letter template (angol/English)

University logos

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