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International opportunities

Why go abroad?

Study at one of our top partner universities

Cultural and professional experience

This will be one of your most memorable university experiences

You can even earn 2 degrees

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Do you have questions about applying for our international exchange programmes? Join us on 14 November from 1:10 pm!


According to § 6.§ (12) of the Rules for Partial Studies Abroad the scoring of applications will be carried out as follows:

Students will be awarded partial scores in different areas based on the application form prepared in accordance with these Regulations, with the exception that students in doctoral studies will not be awarded partial scores.

These are as follows:
– Cover letter,
– certified language proficiency,
– other professional activity.

Students may submit comments on the discrepancies in the scoring in two areas, language proficiency and other professional activity, within three (3) working days of notification, via theDo It Online platform under International opportunities> Before the mobility. No comments on the motivation letter may be submitted.

Deadline: 2024.02.08. 16:00

The Student Services will decide on the comments within 10 working days of receipt and will notify the applicant via the Do It Online. There is no independent right of appeal against the decision on the comments, i.e. only a request for appeal against the decision on the merits communicating the final result of the application can be validly submitted!.This will only be possible in March 2024.

Before applying, please make sure you read carefully this year’s call for applications. Conditions change from year to year and it’s worth putting in your time 

Did you know?

The CEMS MIM – only at Corvinus in Hungary 

The programme is 12th in the QS 2023 Masters in Management rankings, one of the world’s most respected rankings for management education. You can apply from many of our master programmes and getting into the English-language Master in Management and Leadership study programme means automatic CEMS admission. 

Corvinus University of Budapest

DSG – Learn German!

You can enhance your German language skills with German language courses at undergraduate level, and earn a diploma from the University of Passau through our double degree programme at Master’s level.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Apply between 6th and 20th November!

End of the application period:


Bachelor's programme - travel opportunities

Master's programme - travel opportunities


Bachelor's programme - German language courses at Corvinus

Contact information

If you have a question about Erasmus+, a double degree or a bilateral programme, find the appropriate menu item in the Do It Online! interface

And if you need a briefing on CEMS, please contact us at anita.szollosi@uni-corvinus.hu 


Questions about the application process

You can find it here, it will be published mid-October 2023. 

The call for applications is open for the academic year of 2024/2025. 

Yes, a minimum GPA of 3.00 is required. Applicants with a GPA below 3.00 will be automatically disqualified from the application. 

Applications can be submitted via the Mobility Manager system, where you will be asked to provide the requested information and upload the documents specified in the call for applications. 

Yes, but all students who go abroad in the last semester of their studies will have to enrol for an extra semester before graduation, as the Credit Transfer Committee will only be able to decide on the crediting of the courses, credits and marks completed abroad at the beginning of the semester following the exchange term. 

Yes, you can apply. Of course, you will only be able to go abroad if you are accepted to the master’s programme at Corvinus. 

A B2 level complex language proficiency certificate in the language of your future studies is a basic requirement for application. Further language requirements are specified here. All available language proficiency certificates must be uploaded to Mobility Manager upon application. 

Students are required to finance their studies at Corvinus during their exchange studies abroad if they are self-financed. In addition, the general university application conditions apply, no further conditions apply. However, applicants should be aware that the scholarship will most likely cover only part of the actual costs incurred, the difference being financed by the student. 

For the first five places, you must choose only the field corresponding to your study programme, for the other five places you can choose from other fields of study, according to the fields of study indicated in MOBility Manager. Any field that is included in your studies can be taken into account, i.e. you can also look for a place that is not fully related to yours but there are compulsory, recommended, or elective subjects in that area which can be can be included in your main training programme. It is recommended that you include as many relevant subjects as possible in your study plan for your semester abroad. With this you can make sure you can finish your studies according to the original curriculum. 

Make sure to set up your preference list that comprises maximum 10 universities. 

Once the application has been submitted, the preference list cannot be changed. The applicant must accept the higher education institution that has been selected for them based on their score. If you do not wish to do so, you may withdraw from the mobility. This way you will be able to re-apply in the next application period only. It is possible to change the order only before the student clicks on the “Submit my application” button. 

Write a cover letter only to the first 3 universities you included in your preference list. 

The cover letter must be written in the language of your studies abroad. You may choose a German university, but if the language of instruction is English, the cover letter should also be written in English. The document should also include specific details regarding why you have chosen the university and what subjects you will be able to take there that fit into your original programme of study.  

No. The cover letter must be attached to the application. It will be assessed by the relevant Corvinus supervisors, not by the partner university. 

This is thoroughly explained in the call for applications. 

The points are calculated based on the cumulative grade point average weighted by the number of credits exported from Neptun. The grade point average in the semester of application is also included. 

Frequented places require a higher score. The number of applications to a particular university and the number of places available determine the entry point threshold for a university, so this varies from year to year. 

Questions about the language exam and other

In the comment column of the partner list. A B2 level complex (intermediate written and oral) language proficiency exam certificate is a basic requirement for application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to decide whether their language skills are sufficient to follow the classes. Some partners have higher requirements (e.g., C1 or IELTS/TOEFL, TOIC, etc.). The language proficiency exam result must be valid for the whole mobility period, even if this means two consecutive language tests. 

Only those uploaded to Mobility Manager can be considered during scoring. Neptun will not be checked, so it does not matter what is uploaded there. If the document expires before the departure date, it is mandatory to take and pass a new exam before the departure date. Please note that language proficiency documents not uploaded in MOB will not be taken into consideration during the calculation of points. 

They must be uploaded to MOBility Manager  

A B2 level complex (intermediate written and oral) language proficiency exam certificate or an equivalent official school-leaving exam certificate is a basic requirement for application, so it must be submitted during the application period. The application is invalid without these documents. 

Yes. The institute organising the language exam may issue a temporary certificate of the successful exam.  

Yes, if it is stated in the annex of the school leaving exam certificate that the language examination result is equivalent to a complex language examination of at least B2. level. 

The 21-credit rule requires a minimum of 21 credits (excluding thesis seminars and compulsory internships) to be completed abroad. Courses taken at Corvinus based on a preferential study plan (up to 4 courses may be taken plus seminar and internship) are not involved in the 21 credits to be completed abroad but may be involved the 21 credits required for graduation. Foreign language courses may be involved in the 21 credits in the semester abroad.  

Students who are going on a mobility in the last semester of their studies should be aware that they will only be able to take their final examinations in the semester following the semester abroad, as credits and marks obtained abroad can only be counted in the following semester. 

First check whether it is available on the host university’s website. If you can only request it by e-mail, it is very important that you include the exact course code and name of the course in your request. 

30 ECTS must be taken. However, at least 21 ECTS must be obtained and recognized by Corvinus. 

You can apply for the funding of an additional semester at Corvinus, but you are not given the grant automatically; it has conditions. You can find out more here

Please visit the website of the foreign university. Two subjects may be equivalent if there is 75% of overlap between their course materials Professors of the relevant subject at Corvinus can help you to decide this. 

For elective subjects, it is not necessary that the subject is included in the curriculum. Any subject taken abroad which is not included in the curriculum but which the student successfully completes will be accepted as an elective subject at Corvinus. 

Please check which courses are offered at the host university of your choice and how many of them fit in your curriculum. You will then need to consult the professors of the particular course, who will decide whether the course in question is equivalent to a certain Corvinus course. 

There is little chance that you will find a university where the course offer corresponds 100% to your compulsory courses. 

Yes. However, if you are a self-financed student, you must pay the tuition fee as well. 

Please submit your withdrawal ASAP so we may assign your place to someone else!  

You cannot extend your studies from spring to autumn semester; however, extension from fall to spring is possible upon request. 

No, because according to the Call for Applications at Corvinus the international language certificate that we forward to the partner can only be up to 2 years old. For further information, see the Call for Applications. 

Corvinus is confident that universities operating in a foundational model will soon be eligible for EU higher education funding, enabling students who are awarded international places in the 2024/25 academic year to receive Erasmus+ grants. However, in case it will be necessary the University will also be able to offer support to the same extent from other sources for those participating in international part-time courses at Erasmus+ partner universities. The University’s Board of Trustees is committed to achieving its strategic objective of enabling more students to participate in international mobilities at Corvinus’s partner universities and provide funding where necessary. 

Yes. We cannot take into consideration students’ private discussions with partner universities. Only those students can be awarded with an international place who meet the criteria set out in the Call for Applications. 

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