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Corporate and Institutional Relations

At Corvinus, education, practical work, research-design-development activities together with corporate and other external partners have long been closely intertwined. Its construction, coordination and management is carried out by Corporate and Institutional Relations.
We establish collaborations with numerous companies and business associations involved in research, innovation, production, and sales, the key element of which is the unique business value proposition of Corvinus. With our collaborations, we create a connection between our highly qualified students and the business and institutional sphere. By doing that, we try to give our students as much support, inspiration, spark and mentoring as possible so that they can successfully solve the challenges of the most complex world in generations. At the same time, we offer a unique platform for our partners, ensuring that their messages stand out from the crowd despite the rapidly changing dynamics of the world.
Corvinus University of Budapest

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Dávid Baranyai

Director of Corporate and Institutional Relations

Marianna Gergelyné Kása

Head of Strategic Corporate Partnerships


Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus and OTP Bank sign strategic agreement

The Corvinus-OTP Bank cooperation will further expand the university’s network of contacts with leading Hungarian companies, allowing Corvinus students to gain direct experience from the business sector, the practical knowledge it accumulates and the market needs.

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Corvinus University of Budapest

Job fair and career preparation at Corvinus from Wednesday

More than 200 job offers will be on display at this year’s Corvinus University Career Expo on 24 and 25 April. Participants can also gather lots of tips to help them launch and fulfil their careers. Not only will dozens of Corvinus graduates with colourful and successful careers help you personally, but you can also learn how to use ChatGPT and LinkedIn professionally and optimised for job-seekers.

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Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus joins the urban initiative Budapest Global

Corvinus University aims to share knowledge and international connections to help Budapest seize opportunities and overcome challenges. By joining yesterday, the university plans to contribute to shaping the future of Budapest and its young people, promoting sustainability and innovation.

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Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus and ExxonMobil sign strategic agreement

The main objective of the cooperation between the leading Hungarian business university and the Hungarian subsidiary of the energy company is to strengthen the links between education, research and the business sector for the sake of mutual development.

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