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The study abroad program at Corvinus University of Budapest offers a unique opportunity for students to integrate into a multinational and intercultural community of students from around the world living and studying together in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The university is an institution of thirteen institutes offering a variety of specializations to its 11,000 students in business administration, economics, and social sciences.

Each year, the university hosts thousands of students from more than 80 different countries pursuing degrees in business administration or international economics.

Our Study Abroad program has fostered flourishing relationships over the years with more than 15 partners of world-famous universities from the USA, Germany, and France.


Who can apply?

Our Study Abroad program is available exclusively to the students studying at one of our Study Abroad partner institutions. For more information on our current Study Abroad partners please go to our list of Study Abroad partners.

How to apply?

Thank you for your interest in studying at Corvinus University!

For information on the application process, and for gathering the necessary documents please contact your home university’s Study Abroad office and ask for details on the Budapest Corvinus University program. They will also be able to share with you our latest course offer list.


  • Application deadline for the Fall semester: May 5
  • Application deadline for the spring semester: November 5

Application form: please note that after filling in the form you must submit it at the Study Abroad office of your home university  and not directly to us.

Study Abroad Application form
GDPR Guidelines Study Abroad

Program specific academics matters

General information for our Study Abroad students


1. EU citizens:

No visa/residence permit is required if students do not stay in Hungary for 90 consecutive days; i.e. they leave Hungary with 90 days after their arrival. Students from a European Union Member State who stay in Hungary for more than 90 consecutive days (not leaving Hungary within this period) are required to apply for an EU residence certificate to Hungary.

Students with EU passport but coming to Corvinus through a non-EU University also need visa/residence permit. Please select point 2 or 3 for information on how to obtain residence permit.

2. US citizens obtained a 30-day one entry visa in the Schengen & Mexican citizens: with a 30-day one entry visa before entering Hungary

There are 4 Hungarian Consulates in the United States: New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

If there is a Hungarian Consulate nearby, students are strongly recommended to go through the D visa application procedure prior to arrival to Hungary. There is an online application process after which applicants must go to the Consulate for taking their digital photo and fingerprints. Please check the website of the Consulate or ask your Study Abroad advisor for further information on what to bring to the Consulate.

The visa issued will be valid for one entry into the Schengen zone for 30 days.  Once in Hungary, and within the first thirty days, students must apply for their resident permit in person at the local Immigration Office with the necessary documentation.  The residence permit card issued will be valid for the duration of the entire semester at Corvinus University.

Checklist for the Immigration Office – students must arrange at the Immigration Office WITHIN 30 days after their arrival: The below list applies if the student arrives with a D visa:

  1. 1 photo
  2. passport and a copy of the photo page + copy of the visa
  3. a filled in form titled „Form to receive residence permit”
  4. certificate from the university stating the student’s status at Corvinus – please pick it up from your coordinator
  5. address form signed by the student and the owner of the apartment/dorm
  6. official document for the apartment from Land Registry Office- less than 30 days old (or dorm paper)
  7. apartment contract (or dorm paper)
  8. copy of health insurance, you need to show the original

3. US citizens traveling to Hungary without visa

Students may choose to travel to Budapest as tourists. A tourist has a 90-day stay in Hungary without a visa.  In this case, students’ return ticket must be an open one, within less than 90 days from arrival in Budapest. Once in Budapest, students apply for their residence permit and rebook their flight for the end of the semester. Please be aware that re-booking fee of your return date will depend on the airline policies and you must check it with them. When in Budapest, students need to hand in the necessary documents to the Immigration Office as soon as possible. The residence permit card issued will be valid for the duration of the entire semester at Corvinus University.

Checklist for the Immigration Office:

  1. 2 photos (there is a photo booth at the Immigration Office)
  2. Take your passport and a copy of the photo page
  3. 18,000 HUF duty stamp (illetékbélyeg) – purchased at any post office
  4. Two filled in forms: „Application for residence permit for the purpose of studies” + “Appendix 14” both can be downloaded from here: under FORMS
  5. letter from Corvinus stating that you are a full-time student- Corvinus Certificate of Enrollment-you can download this from our Neptun system
  6. 3 monthly Bank statement proving that you have enough money to cover your stay (must not be older than 30 days)
  7. Housing contract and small cardboard form ( Accommodation reporting form ) signed by dorm manager
  8. Copy of your health insurance and a letter from the company that they provide full coverage

Address of the Immigration office: Budapest, 1135, Szegedi út 35-37. (map)- SZEGEDI ÚT-CLIENT CARE OFFICE

For more information please check:

  • How to get there: By bus 32, taking off at “Szegedi út” bus stop.
  • By taking tram 1, taking off at “Vágány utca/Róbert Károly körút” and taking a 5 minute walk.
  • By tram 14 or bus 105, taking off at “Béke tér” and taking a 5 minute walk.

Opening hours:

Monday:             8:00-14:00

Tuesday:             8:00-14:00

Wednesday:      8:00-14:00

Thursday:           8:00-14:00

Friday:                  8:00-12:00

You can also speed up the process of the residence Permit application by creating an account on the Immigration Office’s E-administration platform, called EnterHungary. This system helps you submit your application for a residence permit in Hungary electronically, without queuing:

Please note that it is the obligation of the students to make sure that their stay in Hungary is legal and complies with the Hungarian legal regulations.


Our direct Study Abroad partners’ students-will be offered housing for their study period. Please ask your home university Study Abroad office about the specific Housing Offer for the actual semester of your planned studies.

Our Study Abroad students coming with our provider partners will have their accommodation arranged by their provider.

Provider partners:

  • API
  • AIFS
  • CEA

Students from our European partners will be offered a Housing Guide and useful tips for finding the best solution for their stay.

European partners:

  • ISM
  • DHBW
  • MBS
  • ISEG
  • PSB

Our aim is to include in our housing offer more than one type of accommodation to suit everyone’s needs and budget as much as possible.

HOUSING TYPES FOR the direct Study Abroad partner students:

We normally include in our housing offer private dormitories providing a high standard of accommodation with the possibility of renting single person rooms, as well as shared rooms. The offer in these private dormitories includes exclusive services such as gyms, cafes, restaurant at the premises, quarantine package etc..

Please ask your home university Study Abroad office about the specific Housing Offer for the actual semester of your planned studies.

Please take a look at the website of Deans College Hotel, and Maverick Student Lodge our contracted student accommodation partners:

From the airport, please check the following link:

From Corvinus: 10 minutes by walking from the university:

From the closest metro station (Corvin negyed – blue line)


More information will be uploaded soon.


Balogh Natália Hallgatói Szolgáltatások / Hallgatói ügyek / Hallgatói mobilitás
Nemzetközi koordinátor / International Coordinator
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Phone: +36 1 482 5436 • Ext: 5436
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