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What’s next?

Freshmen Roadmap

Corvinus University of Budapest


Your most urgent tasks

As an international Corvinus student those are the biggest priorities on your to-do list. Keep in mind that those first steps into your new journey may vastly differ depending on your nationality (e.g., EEA and non-EEA citizens have largely distinct administrative necessities). Click each task to find out further details about it. This page has been created specifically for full-time international degree students admitted to English language programmes. If you are a Hungarian citizen admitted to an English language programme, please click here.

The conditions of your conditional acceptance are known as “Tasks” in the DreamApply platform you have applied through. There are typically two conditions to meet at this stage:

Final diploma & transcript (and translations) legally recognised

• Credits accepted (MA/MSc/MBA applicants only)

Once all tasks are approved and your tuition fee is covered (the latter done by self-financed students only) you will receive an unconditional acceptance – making you an official freshman at Corvinus.

Note: if you are a Stipendium Hungaricum or a Diaspora offer holder, you will not receive personalised and individual feedback for each Task, you should wait for your final unconditional acceptance letter.

Pay as soon as you receive payment instructions from us to reserve your place on your programme.

If you need to apply for a visa, you will need to provide proof of paying your tuition fee deposit (typically semester 1 fees).

Tuition fees are typically paid in two instalments per year before each semester. Some programmes may require the full year’s tuition fee upfront. Fees are generally higher for non-EEA applicants. Check our tuition fees page to see which applies to you.

No scholarships or discounts are available before you start your studies.

How can I pay my tuition fee?

If you are a Stipendium Hungaricum (SH) or a Diaspora Scholarship (DSP) offer holder, it is essential to follow on any incoming information regarding your scholarship conditions. Check your email regularly, keep in touch with the SH and DSP coordinators and keep all deadlines in mind. Follow this page for further updates.

European Economic Area (EEA) citizens are granted visa-free travel to Hungary. However, EEA students still need to obtain a registration card (regisztrációs kártya) which comes together with an address card if their stay exceeds 90 days. Those students only need to do that once they arrive.

If you are a non-EEA international student, you will likely need a visa to enter Hungary and to stay in the country for a longer period.

In option one, you can enter and reside in Hungary for 90 days without a visa, after which you need to apply for a residence permit. 

In option two, you must first obtain a 30-day visa, after which you need to apply for a residence permit within those 30 days after arrival.

Receiving your residence permit makes you a full-fledged resident of Hungary, allowing you to study and work here, as well as travel within the European Union. Please, refer to the Embassy of Hungary in your home country to find out more about visa and residence administrative processes in detail.

We would like to know more about your experience and opinion of the University so far, so we ask you to fill out our freshmen research!

The survey is anonymous and takes just a few minutes to complete.

The survey will be available soon

In order to be able to receive a residence permit (in case you are a non-EEA citizen) or a registration card (equivalent for EEA citizens), you need to have found your permanent accommodation. You have three accommodation options:

• a private or shared flat rented by you

• a university dormitory shared room

• a student college

Unfortunately, Corvinus dormitory rooms are limited and cannot accommodate more than a given number of students – hence we recommend you seeking a private rental option, or a community college.

Refer to the following housing guide we have prepared for you on your accommodation-seeking journey:

HOUSING GUIDE: How to find the best accommodation for my personal needs?

Application form to Belvárosi Albérletház

Call for dormitory applications: coming soon (August)

International students must obtain a medical insurance that would cover the cost of their healthcare during their stay and in urgent situations. EEA citizens are also advised (but not required) to obtain a private medical insurance. Still, having the European Health Insurance Card is obligatory for EEA citizens, as it is a valid healthcare insurance throughout the entirety of the union.


Picking up on university and Budapest life

Once you have completed the task list mentioned above, it is time for the real step forward – moving to Hungary and starting your journey with #CorvinUS. Here is what you must do prior to starting your very first semester. You can find further information about each step by clicking on the dark blue text. Do not worry if your arrival is delayed for one reason or another. In the meantime, make sure that you fulfill all tasks that can be completed online.

Enrollment and Orientation week

Enrollment will take place between August 29 and September 1. You can find information about the day on which the enrollment for your own major takes place in the Program plan and major schedule section.

Corvinus University of Budapest, Building E, West Gate

Budapest, Fővám tér 8, 1093

Information to be updated the week before enrollment

Don't miss a thing

A road map of the most important events in your first weeks at Corvinus. Please, keep in mind your personal and Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship deadlines, as well as administrative ones.

Find the full academic year schedule for 2023/2024 here.

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

There is still time left until the onboarding week starts:



Up to 70,000 HUF monthly study scholarship for outstanding academic results. Available after your first semester at Corvinus, in case you are a self-financed student. 

Please note that Stipendium Hungaricum (SH) and Diaspora Scholarship (DSP) offer holders – in keeping with their scholarship programme regulation – are not eligible for any kind of scholarships apart from the currently obtained SH or DSP scholarship.

International opportunities

Corvinus University of Budapest

International experience is an invaluable asset on the job market. At Corvinus, we aim to provide all the help you would need to gain it. Start off with a significant advantage upon graduation by partaking in our international mobility programmes! Plan consciously now, browse through our 200 partner universities and find your best match, be it part-time, summer university, internship or even double-degree programme.

*Note: Only self-financed international students can take part in international mobility programmes. Stipendium Hungaricum (SH) and Diaspora Scholarship (DSP) offer holders are not eligible for international study opportunities.

Student organizations


The Student Union will help you in all areas of university life: daily life, education and meaningful experiences throughout your studies.

Do you have any questions about your studies or university life? Find more about the Student Union here.

Student communities

Corvinus has a unique and diverse student community through its professional colleges and student organizations. Their focus is competence, community, and social responsibility. 

Find more about your opportunities at the Student Organization Expo during the onboarding week.

You are not alone

We know being away from home may be hard at times, as homesickness and sudden change of the environment vastly impact the first few weeks or even months of your stay. The Student Support team is made up of qualified psychologists and counsellors who help you take care of your mental health, show you how to improve your learning methods and aid you in choosing a career path.


Study administration and services


It is highly important to make yourself familiar with the Regulations of Corvinus University. Scroll down for the documents of Student requirements (e.g. Study and Examination Regaulations, Regulation on Student Fees and Benefits).

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