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Tuition fee coverage and finances

The staff of the Student Services will automatically charge you the fee for the semester in the neptun system. You can fulfill it with the so-called collective account payment by the deadline, by Simple Pay or you can do so by taking out a student loan. We also provide more information about the various scholarships available at the university. 

Tuition fee coverage guide 

1. Paying your tuition fee via neptun collective account 

The University has two joint accounts: in HUF/Forint and in EUR /Euro.  

Items transcribed in HUF can be settled from the Forint collective account and items transcribed in EUR can be settled from the EUR collective account. There is no transition between the 2 collective accounts. 

HUF/Forint joint account 

  • Account holder’s name: Neptun collective account
  • Bank account number: 11784009-22229913-00000000 
  • Bank: OTP Bank 
  • IBAN number: HU64117840092222991300000000 
  • In the first row of the „Comments” you must put: NK-your NEPTUN CODE (space) YOUR FULL NAME 

EUR/Euro joint account 

  • Account holder’s name: Neptun EUR collective account
  • Account number: 11763842-00687881-00000000 
  • IBAN: HU93117638420068788100000000 
  • In the first row of the „Comments” you must put: NK-your NEPTUN CODE (space) YOUR FULL NAME 

2. Charging your collective account 

You must initiate the required amount from your bank account by transfer. 

The first character of the comment section cannot be a space. The first line of the field, starting with the first character, must be prefixed with ‘NK-’, followed by your neptun code – pay attention to the characters o and 0 – and then a space, and finally your name. Unidentifiable items will unfortunately be returned to the sender. 

A minimum of one (1) business day from the date of transfer is required for the crediting. The Bank collects the amounts received by OTP Bank by 3:30 PM, and then hands them over to the University on the morning of the next working day. Referrals received by OTP Bank after 3:30 PM will only be collected on the following business day. 


It is advisable to pay extra attention to this processing time, especially during the exam period, where there may be only a few days of difference between each exam dates, so it is advisable to transfer the amount needed to settle the expected obligations in advance or to choose a SimplePay payment option. 

The immediate transfer does not apply to the collective account. 

3. Actual payment 

Once you have transferred the amount into your collective account, you will then find your payment obligations, including the fee, in the neptun system under the “Finances/Payment”. You can also set up a filter (semester, status) above which you will find the balance of your joint account. 

You can filter the list of the financial items by their status, you can list them by clicking on the “List” button. You can settle the payment if you tick the check box, then click on the “Pay in” button. On the next pop up page, you need to choose “Collective account payment” and then “Pay in” button again. The financial item will be paid in immediately. 

Fulfillment of an invoice item 

An invoice for the transcribed item is generated in the system in the name of the student no later than the following day. If the Student does not want this invoice to be generated under his/her name, the following procedure shall apply: 

The “Invoice Request” form filled in by the employer must be sent to the Finance Office scanned to the invoice@uni-corvinus.hu.  

4. SimplePay payment 

You can pay the same amount as charged amount; no instalments are possible. 

  • Multiple items can be paid in one transaction. 
  • You must have an e-mail address registered in Neptun.
  • Any card that can be used to pay online can be used without installing the Simple app. 
  • The paid item will immediately become a fulfilled item. 
  • In case of successful payment, the student will receive an email. 
  • In case of an unsuccessful payment, the student can contact the SimplePay customer service. 

Student loan (Diákhitel)

Do you need financial help with your daily living expenses or tuition fees? The student loans offered by Diákhitel Központ (Student Loan Centre) are a great way to finance your higher education studies or related financial needs. Student Loan 1 and Student Loan 2 help you to focus on your studies without financial difficulties and with favourable conditions. For more information and details on how to apply for a loan, visit the Diákhitel Központ’s website. 


Corvinus University of Budapest offers you a range of scholarship opportunities to support your studies and your outstanding achievements. The scholarships are designed to provide you with financial assistance, thereby contributing to the successful completion of your studies and your professional development. The University has different types of scholarships available for you, such as: 

  • Scholarships for Social Needs 
  • Extracurricular (Performance-based) Scholarships 
  • Hungarian State Scholarships 
  • Institutional Scholarships 
  • University Research Fellowship (In Hungarian EKÖP) 

For detailed information and application conditions, visit the scholarships page of the website. 

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