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Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (TDK)

Welcome to the page of Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (TDK)

Important dates and deadlines
registration deadline21st of March (Tuesday), 2023, 23:59
deadline of paper submission17th April (Monday), 2023, 16:00
period of oral rounds15th–19th May (Monday–Friday), 2023
award ceremony and closing gala25th May (Thursday), 2023, 11:00

Attention! Some important information for the registration:

  • Please registrate via Windows or Android operational system instead of Mac/iOS system, you can register with Firefox (Mozilla) browser from Apple, iPhone devices
  • In case of the papers with co-authors the paper is enough to be registrated by one of the authors (only this author receives a message from the system about the registration)
  • The submission of an abstract with minimum 500, maximum 2500 characters takes also part of the registration
  • The title and the abstract of the paper could be modified after the registration

The registration is closed on 16th March (Wednesday) at 23:59 instead of the original deadline

What is TDK?

The Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (known as TDK) provides a public forum for student publications which go beyond the core syllabus and represent a high scientific standard. Our aim is to assist the scientific and professional career of the authors and to help improve scientific thinking and discussion. The theses are completed with the help of a consultant and the students present their papers in sections similarly to scientific conferences. The papers and presentations are judged by a professional jury, according to requirements and standards of scientific publications.

TDK is a two-stage competition for students (both undergraduate and graduate) interested in the world around them.

  1. The first stage is about finding an interesting research question and conducting an appropriate research to answer this research question. The output is a paper (around 20–60-page long) to disseminate the findings.
  2. The second stage is the oral round, where participants will present their findings in front of an academic judge.

What kind of help do you get?

  • TDK offers you personalized support. You can have a supervisor who will help you to go through your research endeavour and assist you with his/her comments and suggestions.
  • Check out the topics different supervisors are offering for you

  • TDK is a way to stand out from the crowd.
  • TDK offers you to do your own research and develop yourself.
  • TDK helps you to improve your data analytic, academic writing and presentation skills required by every employer.
  • You will get personalized feedbacks from your performance.
  • You can also win numerous cash prizes.

How can you participate?

  1. Find a topic and a supervisor first
  2. Register in the TDK online platform using your Cusman code and password <– TDK online platform is unavailable at this moment, it is available soon, as it is ready you are informed by e-mail
  3. Consult your supervisor, execute your research, write your paper
  4. Submit your paper online via the TDK online platform
  5. Wait to receive the reviews from your paper
  6. Prepare to the oral presentation once you advanced to the oral round

It is no need to fill and submit any statement besides the TDK paper.

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