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Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

24-25 April 2024

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until 15th February

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About the event

Welcome to the spring edition of the Corvinus Career & Business Festival – a cherished tradition at Corvinus University of Budapest.
Our university takes pride in the quality and successes of our students and graduates. We know that their impact is possible due to the valuable cooperation with local and international corporations, governmental or not-for profit organizations. Our festival aims at celebrating and cultivating further the strong connections between Corvinus students, alumni, and employer organizations.
This spring, join us for an opportunity to present your career journey experience to hundreds of Hungarian and international students and graduates of Corvinus. The event integrates insightful lectures and interactive programs with an engaging exhibition space, creating an optimal platform for your branding and recruitment.
Explore new horizons, forge meaningful connections, and be part of a forward-looking event designed to shape the future of careers and business. We look forward to welcoming you to the Corvinus Career & Business Festival!

Don’t miss out and join us until 15th of March!


11 000+


3 000+

Square meters

3 500+

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Additional programmes

2 000+

International students


Years of expertise in organizing events

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Until 15. March

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Frequently asked questions

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• Can I change my order?
If you wish to change your order, you will need to place a new order. Your previous order will be invalidated immediately upon the arrival of your refreshed order. Note that your new order should contain every item and service that you would like to use. 

• What graphics/content do I need to upload before the event? 
The uploading interface for graphic/content material can be accessed below the Order Form uploading interface. The deadline for uploading is 29th March. We are expecting materials for the following ordered items: 
– Custom decoration (front, side, wall, curved counter) (graphics) 
– Custom lettered fascia (graphics) 
– Display (graphics) 
– Newsletter publication 
– eDM ad (text and image) 
– Facebook event post (text and image) 
– Poster (graphics) 
– Glass sticker (graphics) 
– Molinos (graphics) 
– Logo (in a vector format) 

A guide to printing dimensions is available at the button of the uploading interface below „about the graphics parameters & carpet colors”. 

• How does ordering a frieze board work? Can I request a custom inscription? 
Each built-in stand comes with a frieze board with black lettering. If you would like an extra frieze board with black lettering, please select the “Extra frieze board (100×30 cm) [with board holder]” item. If you want to replace the plain black lettering with a customized one, you can also select “ Custom inscription on frieze“. 

• What does the display appearance mean? 
The “display appearance” means the possibility to advertise during a continuous projection on the TV displays in the Job Fair area. For the display screen, please submit a clip of up to 20 seconds as an MP4 file with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. 

• What is included in the newsletter? 
Every week, the Corvinus Career Newsletter, the University’s career newsletter with current internship and job opportunities, is sent to students who have subscribed to the newsletter. The purchase of an advertisement is an order for one month, so the advertisement will appear 4 times in the newsletter. 

• What should I know about eDM advertising? 
eDM advertisingallows you to send out an individual newsletter, where subscribed students or a limited target group of students receive only the eDM containing the advertisement of the company that ordered the eDM. Please upload the finished version of the eDM in HTML Format.  

On request, we can also produce an eDM based on individual requirements, for an extra fee. If you would like to use this service, please select the “eDM advertisement with editing” item, for which you can submit the related content and graphic design. 

• If I want a Facebook event post, what do I need to send? 
Please upload the graphic and text of the post in the graphics uploading interface. 

• Which chair should I choose? 
For information desks, we recommend the “bar stoolbecause of its height. 

• Should I choose carpeting? 
The base stand comes with uniform dark grey carpeting. If you prefer a different carpet colour, select Carpeting not in base colour [/sqm]. You can select the carpet colour from the carpet colour book below the „about the graphics parameters & carpet colors” button and indicate it in your order. 

• When is it recommended that I buy a storage parcel? 
The use of the “storage parcels” is recommended if you arrive at the event with large equipment or luggage, or if you wish to lock certain equipment/stand elements outside the information desk. For smaller stands, the use of a storage area is a particularly aesthetic solution, as there is little space available for storing parcels at the stand.  

The storage space is located in the basement of the building, accessed via a main staircase in the middle of the bustle. Once down the stairs, the space opposite is used as a guarded storage space during the event. 

Access to the storage space is restricted to individuals wearing a special wristband, which you can obtain at the information desk. Only those with the wristband will be allowed to enter and retrieve items from the storage area. 

• Can I bring leaflets to the event? 
Yes, but you can only distribute it from your booth. 

• Can I display a roll-up during the event? 
During the event, our exhibitors can place their roll-ups at their booths included in the base fee. You can also choose to display it at the entrance of the Main Building. For this, please select “Roll-up at the entrance of the Main Building” in your order. 

• What is a negotiating time band? 
In the Main University Building, we have modern, 11-seat, hybrid-equipped, smart meeting rooms for our exhibitors. The “meeting area” is suitable for interviews and short workshops, which can be booked in half-hour intervals. The schedule of the meeting rooms will be sent out to exhibitors prior to the event. 

• Where can I report if I need an invoice discount or PO number? 
In the Order Form, it is possible to indicate such requests in the “other important notice” line. It is important to note that if these are not included in the order, there is no guarantee that we will be able to consider any subsequent request! 

• Can I choose where to place the stand? 
On the Order Form, you can indicate your preferred location. Please note that this is only for us to take your preferences into consideration. However, the final stand arrangement will depend on the number of spaces sold, so we cannot guarantee that we can provide you with the exact location. 

• When do I need extra power? 
We provide electricity supply: 1*230 V/10 A with a maximum power of 2 kW. Every stand is equipped with power outlets that are capable of supporting devices such as displays and coffee machines. If you intend to bring electric devices that require higher power consumption, please specify it in the Order Form. 

• What types of job offers are typical for the event? 
The primary audience for the event is the student body of Corvinus University. As a result, the typical job offers are internships, part-time jobs and entry-level positions.  

We take pride in the fact that 30% of our undergraduate students are international, with plans to pursue long-term employment in Hungary. Therefore, we strongly encourage all exhibitors to bring job offers not only for Hungarian students but also for our English-speaking students.

In addition to our current students, we also extend invitations to our alumni to attend the event. Therefore, you are welcome to bring senior roles and positions suitable for more experienced individuals as well. 

• How long is the event open? 
The event is organized between 10 AM and 16 PM both days, however you can stay until 9 PM as students have classes until then. 

• How is the move-in process? 
Exhibitors will be able to move in on Tuesday 23 April from 7 AM to 9 PM, however we suggest to move in between 9 AM and 5 PM to receive the highest level of support. On this day there is the possibility to build and equip the stands. It is recommended that larger stand items are set up on this day, while smaller representative products and valuables (e.g. laptops) are brought on the day of the event.  

• How can I park on site? 
Exhibitors can park in front of the Southern entrance of the Main Building (8 Fővám Square) while unloading. The area in front of the building is not the property of the University, therefore district regulations apply. During the days of the event, exhibitors can choose between public parking in near streets or private parking. 

• What dining options can I expect? 
On both days of the event, we will be serving some breakfast for our exhibitors, including fruit and small pastries. There will be filtered water points in several locations throughout the building, and glass pitchers and cups will be distributed at each booth for your use. In addition, our staff will serve coffee to our exhibitors on several occasions during the event. 

Moreover, 2 meal lunch is available both days on the event location as an additional service. 

• What do I need to know about lunch? 
A two-course buffet meal (including several diet options) will be provided for our exhibitors on both days of the event. Meals will be available on the 2nd floor of Building E (main building) by the main stairs accessed through the middle of the building. If you decide to “order lunch“, our staff will hand out lunch tickets during the morning hours on the first day of the event, only with that can you use the service. The menu will be sent out to exhibitors prior to the event. 

• Will there be security at the event? What will be provided? 
Indeed, there will be a 24/7 security service in place throughout the event. This service ensures the safety and protection of any valuables left at the information desk. Additionally, the storage area is securely locked and under constant surveillance by guards. 

• Will there be a cloakroom on site? 
Unfortunately, we cannot provide cloakroom service during the event. However, if you have items such as heavy coats or bags that are not aesthetically pleasing to display at your stand, or if you simply want them to be taken care of, you have the option to select the “storage parcels” item in the Order Form. This will allow you to safely store your items during the event. 

• What should I do after the event? 
If you have not handed the Form of completion (TIG) to our staff, then please send us the signed Form to expo@uni-corvinus.hu and to 8 Fővám square, Corvinus Corporate and Business Relations 

  • • When will I receive the invoice? 
    Your invoice will be issued and sent electronically to your provided contact a few days after receiving the signed Form of completion (TIG) 

For further question reach out via e-mail

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Corvinus University of Budapest


8. Fővám Square

Budapest, H-1093

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