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Language training

The Centre for Foreign Language Education and Research of Corvinus University Budapest offers quality language and language for specific purposes courses for all students enrolled at Corvinus. Courses are available in nine languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hungarian for foreign students. Our language instructors’ extensive teaching experience and consistently high student ratings ensure a successful preparation for our language for General Business and Economics exams.

The mission of the centre is to help people develop and master useful, proficient, future-proof oral and written foreign language skills that can be used in their everyday life, studies, study trips abroad – in particular for the new opportunities offered by the European Higher Education Area –, internships and working life with the help of modern methods, within a realistic time frame.

At the same time as the language examination requirements are abolished, the University introduces a zero-credit criterion course called “Foreign language competence”, without the completion of which the student cannot obtain a diploma and cannot be admitted to the final examination. This criterion does not involve language training, but the assessment of language skills during the examination period.  Completion of this criterion may be replaced by, among other things: an accredited language examination at level B2 or above, at least six months of study abroad in the language concerned, at least four weeks of work experience abroad in which the language was used as a working language, etc. The language criterion is regulated by the SER. 

Find out more about foreign language competence and how to acquire it: 

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