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Would you like to participate in a study abroad mobility, at a university that is not on Corvinus’s partner list?

Are you interested in getting to know the atmosphere of a university other than Corvinus, the classes, the culture, or the language there? 

If yes, apply to the university of your choice as a Freemover!

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

What does being a Freemover mean?

If you are interested in going to a university with which Corvinus does not have a bilateral exchange agreement (i.e. universities not included in the list of Corvinus partner institutions), you can still apply to the given university as a freemover. Moreover, if you have applied to a partner university in the frame of the Partial Studies Application, but are not chosen, you can still contact the given university to ask if they could host you as a freemover student.

Applying for a study abroad mobility as a freemover means that:

  • you will have to apply to the given institution yourself and will be responsible for taking care of all the administrative tasks involved,
  • you will be responsible for paying the tuition fee set by the given university for subjects/credits taken (be sure to make sure you check on the exact cost involved as tuition fees can be anywhere from feasible to astronomical).
  • you can apply for scholarships independently of Corvinus (but not for Erasmus or Campus Mundi).
  • the number of credits to be taken during a freemover study abroad period are not given, this is totally up to you. At the same time, remember, that two-thirds of the study program credits must be achieved at Corvinus in order for you to be eligible for a Corvinus degree.
  • you are not obliged to have all or any of the courses taken abroad as a freemover accepted towards your study program. If you wish to be sure that they will be accepted, do remember to fill in the Learning Agreement and the mandatory annex (for core and core elective courses) that lists the subjects you plan to take at the other university and make sure that in the case of core and core elective courses it is approved in advance by the course leaders and that your Learning Agreement is signed by the relevant Dean. If you do not fill out the Learning Agreement and the mandatory annex and do not have it approved in advance, you will still be able to ask to have the courses achieved abroad accredited to your study program. In this case, the credit recognition procedure is the same as for any exchange student however, you will need to submit the following:

                 – the official transcript from the partner university,
                 – the printed and verified (stamped) version of the course syllabus for all the courses you wish to have accredited,
                 – in the case of core or core elective courses, the approval of the course leader of the given course at Corvinus.

  • You have to be in active status at Corvinus during your freemover semester only if you also plan to take courses with a reduced curriculum here. If you are in active status, you must also pay the tuition fee as set out in your training agreement at Corvinus.
  • If you are in “passive” student status at Corvinus, you will be able to have the credits achieved as a freemover accredited to your study programme only for your next active semester.
  • Depending on the number of credits you wish to have accredited towards your study program at Corvinus, you may possible end up with more than the number of credits officially covered by your tuition (program’s required credits + 10%). (i.e. if your study program requires 120 credits, you can have 132 credits free of charge, if the requirement is 180 credits, you can achieve up to 198 credits free of charge, etc.). For any credit exceeding the study program’s credit requirement + 10%, you will have to pay for credits on a per credit fee basis. Please check the Students’ Fees and Grants Regulation for the cost involved.

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