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More than 1000 students have joined the Navigator career planning platform 

2023-07-03 11:00:00

The Navigator programme is unique among Hungarian universities and supports students' life and career planning through a unique and interactive interface. 

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

By the end of June, more than 1,000 Corvinus students have already joined Navigator, our unique and interactive programme, which helps students plan their lifepaths and careers. Plans for the near future include reaching more potential users and, based on feedback from our freshman marketing course students, new features will be added to the site, so it’s worth joining before the autumn semester starts.  

The Navigator digital platform is an interactive way to help students plan their university career. The lifepath planner application makes it easy to select the most important compulsory and optional subjects, student organisations, colleges and extra-curricular activities available on campus. All of these offer the opportunity to strengthen their competences, bringing them closer to the career of their dreams.  

However, Navigator is not only an online platform, it is also linked to a three-step mentoring programme after completing the personality test: profile interpretation, orientational consulting with mentor professors and career counselling. So far, 173 mentoring sessions have been completed with 35 mentors. Navigator is currently available in 7 bachelor programmes. Our aim is to extend the service to all students in the future.  

In the spring semester, freshman students were able to test the app from both a communication and product development perspective in the Marketing course and share their suggestions. The top 3-3 ideas were rewarded with a Corvinus mug and canteen package, and students will have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of their ideas. We plan to add new features to the platform in the autumn semester based on student feedback.  

On 19 June 2023, the Tempus Public Foundation hosted a conference on higher education entitled “The impact of internationalisation on the relationship between higher education and the labour market”. The aim of the event was to bring together decision-makers, heads of institutions, academic professionals and international staff active in the internationalisation of higher education to review good practices, opportunities and challenges in preparing foreign students for the labour market.  

At the conference, which was hosted by the Danubius Hotel Hélia in Budapest, Corvinus University of Budapest also had the opportunity to present one of the most significant projects of recent years, the MyCorvinus Navigator and its expansion possibilities. Our institution was represented at the event by Katalin Ásványi PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Sustainability Management and Environmental Economics, business owner of the Navigator programme, and Károly Vizdák, Strategic Advisor of the Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement and Methodology, operational coordinator of the programme.  

In the first half of the one-hour slot, our colleagues talked about the main achievements and lessons learned over the past 3 years, and in the second half, members of the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions for the internationalisation of the programme.  

We will continue to keep you updated on potential extensions and the implementation of the proposed ideas for Navigator in the coming period. In this article, our student writes about his personal experience with the Navigator.  

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