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Department of Information Systems

The teaching profile of the department concentrates on the design, usage and management aspects of business applications: design, control and operation of information systems, business problems related to IT, IT strategic planning, enterprise and e-governance applications, IT service management, process management, ERP, decision support systems, business intelligence, intelligent systems, data mining, information management, knowledge management, IT security, IT audit.

Our educational activities consist of subjects such as Business Information Systems, which is a compulsory elective course in the new BA programs, to double-degree and doctoral programmes. Several among the department’s courses are being held in English language. Within the programmes of Business Informatics, both on BSc and MSc levels, the department is also responsible for several compulsory and specialization courses too.

The topics being researched by the department are connected to its profile aforementioned, being conducted primarily in the form of tenders. Besides its educational activities, the department has a strong presence in the domestic public professional life(?) as well. Regarding our advisory activities within the last few years, we had put an emphasis on areas such as e-governance developments, management of IT services, process management, business intelligence and IT audit. We also have various ongoing domestic and international researches in the fields of e-governance, knowledge management and e-learning, project management.

The department makes a huge effort on integrating innovative educational solutions and e-learning provided utilities into its regular and other programmes, relying on the experience coming from its several decades-long operation. We are eager to make a good use of current state-of-the-art technologies by integrating them into our educational principles, therefore managing our subjects in fields of ERP and Business Intelligence (which are often built around various market leader solutions, such as SAP’s ERP system) is a top priority. Additionally, our courses offer students the possibility to get acquainted with different up-to-date methodologies, such as COBIT, ITIL and TOGAF.

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