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Department of Supply Chain Management 

Our department is committed to performing training and research activities of international standards. Our training and research staff actively participate in domestic and international research programmes, and play important roles in the key professional and scientific societies of the academic area. In view of the domestic and international research results and best corporate practices, we make sure that our students are able to meet the constantly changing expectations in the field of business sphere logistics, too.

Our department examines those areas of management science that have developed rapidly in the past decade, i.e. the management of corporate real processes – including production and logistics – and supply chain management. This area has become more valuable because the efficient management of this operational area is one of the basic requirements of the success of both multinational companies and SMEs joining them as suppliers or logistic service providers.

In the course of our training and research tasks, we deal with the above areas, as well as additional areas: procurement and public procurement, production and service management, supply chain management and management of supply networks, inventory management, logistic law, logistic modelling and simulation, logistic services, lean management and quality management, distribution, logistic performance management and controlling, innovation, sustainability, environmental performance. 

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