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Our department considers the performance of high-level research work of basic importance. This is essential not only for our own individual careers, but for the community of the department and the continuous improvement of the level of teaching. To this end, the lecturers of our Department closely cooperate with domestic and international professional organisations, so that they can keep track of research activities going on in the world, and can join the domestic and international scientific circulation. From 2016 to 2020, intensive research work was carried out at the Department, similarly to the previous period. Below is a list of programmes currently running or completed in the past five years.

The effectiveness of the research work carried out at the department is indicated by the high number of prizes collected by our staff in the past few years. Dávid Losonci won a New National Excellence Programme (ÚNKP) scholarship for 2016-2017. Judit Nagy was awarded a scholarship in 2018 for the setting up of a research group. Gyöngyi Vörösmarty was awarded the Hungarian Logistics Association’s “decorative pen” (MLE dísztoll) prize for her outstanding work in the Logistic Almanac and in the professional public life in 2018. The Industry and Business Management Publication Award of the Management Science Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was given to Gyöngyi Vörösmarty and Tünde Tátrai for their jointly written book in 2018, in the category of books, and for an article written with co-authors Dávid Losonci and Krisztina Demeter in the category of international articles.

In 2019, an article written by Andrea Gelei, Imre Dobos and Levente Dudás and published in the Statisztikai Szemle was given an award of excellence in academic literature, in domestic journal category, by the Management and Organisation Science Subcommittee of the Management Science Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 2020 Judit Nagy was awarded the prize of the Lecturer of the Year.

There were a number of international prizes, too. In 2017, Krisztina Demeter received a prize from the Romanian Ministry of Education for the best economic publication, selected from international articles published by Romanian authors in the given academic year, for an article published in the IJPE, with the following co-authors: Levente Szász and Béla Gergely Rácz (both are the researchers of the Bábes-Bolyai University).

In 2018, among the articles of 2017 of the IJOPM journal issued by the Emerald Publishing House, the article written by Dávid Losonci, Richárd Kása, Krisztina Demeter, Balázs Heidrich and István Jenei was selected by the editorial committee of the journal to be one of the 5 best articles (“highly recommended paper”).  

YearTitleFinancial supportDepartment research coordinator*/participant**
2012-2016Sustainable supply chain OTKA K 105888Andrea Gelei**, Gyöngyi Vörösmarty**
2012-2016Examination of satisfaction and feeling of happiness within ecological and consumption limitsOTKA K 105228Mária Csutora*, Gábor Harangozó**
2013-2016Contingency factors in the area of production management: their impact on production practices and operating performanceMTA Bolyai scholarshipZsolt Matyusz
2014-2017Impact of factory roles on knowledge sharing in production and supply networks OTKA K 112745Krisztina Demeter*, Dávid Losonczi**, Zsolt Matyusz**
2015-2019Research of supply networks, focusing on behaviour theory issuesOTKA K 115542Andrea Gelei*, Zsófia Jámbor**, Judit Nagy**
2016-2018Scope 3 carbon-dioxide emission accounting and managementOTKA K 116472Mária Csutora*, Gábor Harangozó**
2017-2020Sustainable supply chainNKFIHGyöngyi Vörösmarty*, Tünde Tátrai**
2017-2020Intelligent specialisation in the Székesfehérvár regionEFOP 3.6.1. – Business networks sub-projectAndrea Gelei*, Dávid Losonci**, Judit Nagy**, Zsófia Jámbor**
2017-2020Aspects of developing intelligent, sustainable and inclusive societyEFOP-3.6.2. – Industry 4.0 and supply chain sub-projectKrisztina Demeter*, Orsolya Diófási-Kovács**, Dávid Losonci**, Zsolt Matyusz**, Judit Nagy**, Zsófia Jámbor**, Adrienn Munkácsi**, Mária Wittinger**
2018-2019Examination of the competitiveness of Hungarian food industry chains in the light of European competitorsEFOP-3.6.3.-VEKOP-16-2017-00007 „From talent to young researcher” sub-project Judit Nagy*, Zsófia Jámbor**
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