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For Current Students

Business and Management Students

Thesis writing and Thesis submission dates for January final exam.


Thesis Topic selection 28/11/2022-18/12/2022

This is for those students who started their studies in 2020/21/1 or earlier and have not yet chosen a Thesis consultant. Before you register for Thesis work consultation subject, please select a consultant.

Read the information carefully and complete the process by 18/12/2022.


For Freshmen

BM 2022 onboarding

Students beginning their studies at the autumn of 2022 

A warm welcome to all 1st year students of Business and Management Bachelors program! Below you will find some useful information materials – and we will also put relevant information here in the future.

2022. Spring thesis submission and final exam period

Before submitting your thesis, please refer to the Thesis submission Checklist pdf for dates and details. The formal requirements for the thesis and submission details section below will give you information on the following:  

  • About the process of how to write the thesis, the expectations for the content and format, and 
  • About the technical process and the tasks, you need to complete to hand in your thesis and enrol on to the final exam. The declarations you need to make, and the deadlines connected with these. Please look through these carefully and make sure you complete the given tasks by the requested deadline to be prepared for this important milestone in your life! 
Thesis submission Checklist 2021_22_2.pdf


The Business and Management Bachelor Program Information gives details and the list of the recommended places about the internship prepared for English speaking students in the next two files.

Approval for Internship
Evaluation sheet
Internship guidance for BM Students

Thesis topic selection outside the syllabus (2022 spring semester)

For those students who wish to start the thesis writing process -outside the syllabus- in this semester and took on thesis work consultation 1 subject, we are trying to find a possibility to have an official topic selection. The process is the following. 

Find a tutor whose guidance you would like to have for preparing your thesis and ask them to be your supervisor.  

You can submit your topic and title of your thesis in Neptun on Studies/Thesis application/Thesis application menu between 14th and 27th May 2022. This is where you can also submit the name of your supervisor. Find below a technical guidance for that. If you have any issues: 

  • If you have a problem with your request form you need to report it on: email address. 
  • If you have a Neptun access problem, you need to report it on: email address. 

Please bear in mind that assistance can mainly be provided on weekdays during regular office hours. As soon as the tutor confirms your request in Neptun you can start working together.

Thesis formal requirements and submission details

Find information below about the things to do in 2021/22/2. semester thesis submission. Please follow this site for the latest general university information and for specific information relating to your specification. Please pay particularly close attention to the following: 

  •  The guide will tell you in detail who can hand in thesis this semester and can be summarised as follows: The students who 
  •  will accomplish Thesis Work Consultation Seminar 2 OR  
  • are in the old syllabus and are taking the one-semester-long Thesis Work Consultation Seminar OR  
  • are requested at the beginning of the semester an „Application for continuing thesis, handing in” OR  
  • are submitted at the beginning of the semester an „Application to continue the thesis after the issue of the final certificate or thesis update” – which can be requested by February, but please contact your supervisor before! 
  • The platform for handing in your thesis is Neptun. Find below some technical information enhanced with screen shots for guidance. To proceed please check between 1st and 22nd April, that  
  • you have access to Neptun (in case there is a problem email: )  
  • check that you can access the menus that you need to submit your thesis in Neptun and check that the Supervisor’s name is correct. Also check that on the Studies/Thesis application/Thesis application site the Thesis acceptance request button is active. If you have any problems, please contact the specialisation leader or the secretary at the institute where the specialisation belongs to.
  • should you have any other issues, technical problems (but not with access) relating to Neptun and submitting your thesis, you can ask for help on email address.

Please bear in mind that the colleagues are here to assist you and respond to your emails on weekdays and within regular office hours!

  • Please watch out for all the deadlines but here are the most important ones:

In case you are taking the final exam in June: carry out the Neptun access checks, the latest by 22nd of April, present the finished thesis to your supervisor for approval by 14th of April, in Neptun start the thesis acceptance request by 28th of April, and submit the final thesis in Neptun by 2nd of May 10:00!!!

  • Those submitting a thesis can enrol to the final exam until the deadline to upload the thesis. In Neptun under administration/final exams menu. (Uploading your thesis in Neptun does not mean that you enrolled to the final exam, -this needs to be done separately!) The thesis defence and the final exam will be organised by the institute who takes care of the specialisation, so further details will be provided by the office of the specialisation. Therefore, please contact them for details.

The Study and exam regulations provide directions and guidance to the formal and content requirements of the thesis: in annex 3, from page 100. This relates to students starting their thesis and thesis work consultation seminar 1 before 1st September 2022. For students who start their studies after the 1st September 2022 and study on Business and Management Bachelors program, the following documents can be downloaded. These contain the formal expectations and the evaluation criteria. (There is also specific information about the expectations of faculties, but it is also advised that students contact the specialisation leader for details relating to their faculty).

Thesis Consultation Process BM_21 22 2.pdf
Thesis Work Formal Requirements BM_22 2.pdf


2018-19 BM curriculum.xlsx
2019-20 BM curriculum.xlsx
2020-21 BM curriculum.xlsx
2021-22 BM curriculum.xlsx


Approval for Internship
Internship Evaluation Form
Internship Guidance 2017
Guidance for Writing and Submitting Thesis Work
Internship Information 2020-21-2

Alumni Mentor Program

As part of our Alumni Mentoring Program, students are mentored by professionals who have graduated at least 5 months previously from the Corvinus Master of Business Development Program. In addition to establishing a personal relationship, selected students can gain insights into career opportunities within specific disciplines, industries, and companies, ask professional questions, participate in joint professional programs, and build their network of contacts.

Throughout the program, mentors support the business or career decisions of students as well as personal development as counselors. Working together means regular consultation in person (e.g. 1-2 hours per month) and virtually.

The aim of the program, which began in the autumn of 2018, is to channel the professional knowledge and experience of CUB alumni located in the labor market into the current education system, thus creating a realistic professional image of students and transferring practical knowledge from the employer’s vantage point.

Business and Management Students Alumni mentor program


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