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Institute of Management


The Corvinus Institute of Management is a majorresearch and teaching unit of the Corvinus Business School, responsible formany flagship training courses of the University.

I am personally proud to say that our history datesback to – including our predecessors – more than four decades, and that it is associatedwith many great scholars and legendary professors. Our younger colleagues havealso been recognised with high ranking awards already. Still, our strongest legitimisationis the thousands of alumni, who, since graduation, have proven their skills invarious prominent positions both in Hungary and abroad.

Our connection network is especially broad and goesbeyond the University or the members of the Hungarian higher education andscientific community. We often work with people at distinguished universitiesand research institutes all over the world. But we are also at home workingwith SME’s and MNC’s as well as non-profit organizations, with practicingleaders.

The formal framework of our activities are constitutedby departments and research centres. Our four departments are classifiedaccording to the traditional division of management functions:  StrategicManagement, Management and Organization, Organizational Behavior, ManagementControl.

We are a close-knit community, even if our colleaguescome from different areas of expertise or are at different stages of theircareers. We own professional curiosity, a strong theoretical basis and criticalperspective. We are open to new approaches and we are happy to develop and makechanges ourselves. We seek to serve the interests of students, employers,science, and society in general, with state-of-the-art content and methodology,in line with the challenges of the future. In order to achieve this, we areoffering partnership to all of our internal and external stakeholders.

György Drótos, Director


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