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The organisation of the alumni of business-organisation specialisation was founded in 1993 by the members of the first year who graduated then. Several numbers of this community of already more than three thousand people regularly return to the University and cooperate with the Institute of Management in various forms (earlier: Management and Organisation Department). Considering the anniversary of 25 years, the Institute made a film about the “Vezszerv Alumni” (Management and Organisation Alumni) under the title of “25 years, 25 faces”. The “Vezszerv Alumni” community may find similar news and our prides on the website of the Institute of Management: https://www.facebook.com/veztud 
Graduated Management and Organisation students (who completed five years or the MA programme, full- or part-time programmes) may contact Klaudia Szőts-Kováts alumni officer (see below), or write to the vezszerv@gmail.com email address to establish contact or ask for information. Typical contact forms are shown on the corporate relations page of the Institute’s website. The separate Facebook page of the “Vezszerv Alumni” events is Corvinus VezSzerv Klub.
Contact: Klaudia Szőts-Kováts, Vezszerv Alumni officer, Organisational Behaviour Department (klaudia.kovats@uni-corvinus.hu



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