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Cooperations, partners

„In cooperation with practice”

Our Institute is constantly looking for possibilities to cooperate with companies and business organisations, and, in parallel with that, we are happy to establish new forms of relationships at the request of companies, too. One of the strengths of our trainings is practice-orientation, in which we have had a number of corporate partners so far, but we wish to extend and enrich these relations in the future – naturally, to the satisfaction of the cooperating business association partners. Our cooperations may be fruitful primarily at the following areas:

  • Receive students doing their bachelor’s programmes for internship
  • Deliver lectures in practically any of our subjects
  • Deliver lectures at the professional events of the “VezSzerv Club” 
  • Consultation for degrees, assessment of degrees
  • Announce a tender for internship for “VezSzerv” students
  • Announce department and student research projects
  • Produce corporate case studies
  • Case study contest organised by students and the Department
  • Sponsoring professional events
  • Requests for academic literature and professional consultation

Corporate projects

Our first corporate project subjects started in 1995. Presently, all students in the fifth year participate in one of the human resource management, the management control or the strategic management projects. Our new master’s students are looking for process organisation and organisation transformation projects, too, in addition to the above topics. Students studying here under the European CEMS programme are pursuing projects in English at the companies. Within these projects, students solve relevant (for the cooperating company, too) practical problems in groups of 3-4, in 8-10 weeks, under the guidance of teachers and managers.

A few examples for these projects:

  • Setting up a performance evaluation system at Argosz Insurance Company
  • Process efficiency analysis for the transportation processes of Bellis Rt.
  • Balanced Scorecard feasibility study for BKV Rt.
  • Supporting the business planning of Bayernwerk (E-ON)
  • Fluctuation analysis at Generali-Providencia Rt.
  • Analysis of the training system at Chinoin
  • Development of 360-degree evaluation questionnaire at Frito Lay’s
  • Analysis of the benefit system of Hewlett Packard
  • Integration of new entrants to ABB Power Generation Kft.

Method of establishing contact

All staff members are at your disposal to discuss cooperations! 

Open research seminar

„Global turbulence, disruption of value chains and market exits”
Open research seminar and roundtable Tuesday 25th October 16:30-18:00 Main building 3005


  1. PUEB Prof. Piotr Trapczynski (Poznan University of Economics and Business)- Impacts of the war in Ukraine on CEE international business
  2. Associate Professor Miklós Stocker (Corvinus University of Budapest) – Foreign market exits of Hungarian companies
  3. Prof. Dragos Vieru (University of Québec) – Overcoming digital disruption with IT ambidexterity
  4. Associate Professor Miklós Kozma (Corvinus University of Budapest) – Born digitals: disruptive innovators or disrupted in innovation?
  5. Roundtable

Open research seminar: PUEB PROF. PIOTR TRĄPCZYŃSKI
Wednesday 26th October 2022 16.30-18.00 Main building 3005

Institute of Strategy and Management invites colleagues to the presentation of our polish guest professor:

PUEB PROF. PIOTR TRĄPCZYŃSKI: Legitimacy building by subsidiaries based in a more developed market – an institutional perspective on Polish subsidiaries in Germany. Results of the International research project BEETHOVEN of the National Science Centre of Poland (grant no. 2020/39/G/HS4/01086).

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