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Corvinus Center of Family Business

Welcome on the webpage of the Center of Family Business!

The Center of Family Business was established by three parties, the Péter Horváth Foundation (Péter Horváth Stiftung), the Foundation for Family Businesses (Stiftung Familienunternehmen) and by the Corvinus University of Budapest in 2016 December and started its operation in 2017.Our mission is to balance and energize the corporate, management, and family aspects of Family Owned Businesses to help them grow successfully. The Center provides its research, educational activity and event management for the whole Hungarian and international family business community irrespectively of age and industry.

Corvinus Center of Family Business aims to balance and energize the corporate, management, and family aspects of Family Owned Businesses to help them grow successfully. 

CFB fullfils its mission by:

  • Enabling international transfer and sharing of knowledge, research and teaching
  • Disseminating relevant knowledge and experience in a holistic approach
  • Involving all kind of disciplines and sciences

Our goals:

  • To make a measureable impact on the number, size, economic contribution, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of Hungarian family businesses inside and outside of the country boundaries.
  • To develop and provide research, training and potentially further professional services for family businesses and their stakeholders.
  • To set up a knowledge transfer platform to foster the direct exchange of family business related experiences both locally and internationally.
  • To achieve international recognition by maintaining the same professional standards as its peer organizations through adopting research topics that serve global and local interests, and through joining to international research projects and programs.

Advisory board

Prof. Dr. Péter Horváth
Dr. Horváth is a professor emeritus at the University of Stuttgart, founder of the Horváth & Partners Management Consultants AG, founder and chair of the Péter Horváth Stiftung.

Dr. Imre Branyiczki
Professor Branyiczki is Director of Human Resources at EPAM System Hungary Ltd., and part-time Associate Professor at the Institute of Management, Department of Organizational Behavior, Corvinus University of Budapest.

Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer
Dr. Kirchdörfer is a partner at Hennerkes, Kirchdörfer & Lorz Law Office in Stuttgart, a Honorarprofessor at the private university Witten-Herdecke, at the Wittener Institute für Familienunternehmen (Wifu). He is member of the Board and also holds the position of the chair of the Scientific Council at the German Stiftung Familienunternehmen.

Dr. Ulrich Stoll
Dr. Stoll is a member of the Advisory Board of the German Stiftung Familientunternehmen. He is also the co-owner of FESTO AG where he holds the position of vice chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Dr. Sándor Zwack
Dr. Zwack is the co-owner and chairman of the Board at Zwack Unicum Plc.

Research Projects

Corvinus University has always been one of the leading institutions in the Hungarian family business research since 1990s. Because of the great variety and complexity of family firms, their research requires composite and integrated approaches.

Hence although the focal point of the Center is the one of the management sciences, we aim to integrate the managerial perspective with psychological and sociological viewpoint. In accordance with our founders’ expectations, our primal research concern relates to medium and large Hungarian family firms.The Center’s research work concentrates on issues of succession, governance and change-adaptation and innovation – these are our dedicated research topics inside the discipline of family business research.

Hungarian Family Business Profile – Succession and governance

The main aim of the project is to explore the ’as is’ situation of the Hungarian family firms to gain an initial „bird view” perspective of these businesses. The research subjects were all Hungarian family firms with an annual turnover between 80 million HUF to 150 billion HUF excluding the ones offering financial services.

With the support of external data collector, a large sample database of 1400 family firms had been built which is representative both in regards to the firms’ geographical location, size and industry. We inspect basic ownership and leadership configurations, the presence of potential transgenerational entrepreneurial heritage, succession intentions as well as firms’ economic performance. More detailed, fine-tuned data collection is also conducted on non-financial family aspirations, succession and governance situation and on professionalization of these companies.

Participants: Dr. Attila Wieszt, Dr. György Drótos, Éva Vajda

The Glass-Ceiling in Work (Non-family employees and perceived fairness)

Performance Management System (PMS) and its related sub-system, the Performance Appraisal System (PAS) are two of the most critical human resource practices for organizations.

Performance management is an integral part of the annual business planning cycle. An effective and successful socialization and integration of the non-family CEOs, managers and employees into the family business through formal HRM processes can foster the expansion of the company. That is why it is important that the organizations implement PMS, which are perceived as fair by the employees. The perception of injustice resulting from the bifurcated treatment of family and nonfamily members can negatively affect family firm performance. The aim of the project is to explore the differences and similarities between family members and non-family members in managerial and non-managerial level regarding the perceived fairness of performance management and appraisal system in Hungarian family businesses.

Participants: Éva Vajda, Barbara Meretei


György Drótos, PhD

Attila Wieszt

Éva Vajda

Rita Tóth

Soma Zoltán Kárpáti


Máté Baksa / Corvinus Kioszk

The Center of Family Business of the Corvinus University of Budapest held an international conference on 22 March entitled „Governance and Succession in Family Businesses – Where are we now and what can we learn from international practice?”


CFB announced its doctoral scholarship program for 2018. You can download the detailed description of the announcement in Hungarian and in English.


Toma Franciska / Corvinus Media

The situation of family businesses is not only a business issue but also a social matter. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the topic, it can be relevant to all three faculties of the Corvinus University of Budapest as well as other areas outside of the university. Interview with Prof. Dr. György Drótos.


Máté Baksa / Corvinus Kioszk

Although family-owned medium and large enterprises are important actors of the Hungarian economy and society, relatively little is known about them. Interview with Dr. Attila Wieszt.


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