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Visual Culture Research Centre

Welcome to the page of the Visual Culture Research Centre

The VisualCulture Research Centre studies the digital and traditional pictorial languageof children and youth. Our researchers are members of the European Visual Literacy Network, a research consortium of 90experts from 21 European countries, who developed the Common European Frameworkfor Visual Literacy.

Inco-operation with scholars from five countries of three continents, ourrecently completed study, Visual CultureLearning Communities, focused on the documentation and analysis ofsymbolisation in youth subcultures. In 2020, we conclude a research andinnovation projects, “Moholy-Nagy Visual Modules – Teaching the pictoriallanguage of the 21th century, in the framework of the Visual Culture Research Groupof ELTE University and the Hungarian Academy of Science.

Our currentHORIZON2020 project, AMASS – Acting on theMargins: Arts as Social Sculpture is described inmore detail on our home page. Its aim is to support children and youth in needthrough the arts.

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