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Researches and projects

Educational courses

Business Economics Pyramid

A multi-level path through several BA courses. At the bottom, students are introduced to the basics of business and economics through courses like Advanced Business Economics and Applied Business Economics. Students with an affinity to case studies can continue their journey via our case solving courses. First, during the course Cases on Business Economics (CoBE), they learn the essentials of understanding, solving and presenting problems described in a case study. Next, the most dedicated students can proceed to the course Cases in International Business Strategy (CIBS), where they are be able to significantly improve on their case solving skills and master those abilities that are needed to represent our university in international case competitions globally against the best universities of the world.

Solving Strategic Cases

A BA crash course, where upon completion students will have a structured, holistic view about approaching comprehensive business case studies and how to solve them in a systematic way. In order to achieve this, the course brings in and/or sharpens several essential components of the big picture brought together, like: guesstimation and case solving, implementation testing, identifying and managing team roles, finding Flow at resolving challenges, analysing and interpreting quantitative data, understanding real processes and putting together a full case solution from its elements.

Flow Theory & Leadership Development via Serious Game (a PhD course)

1) to understand and to explore critically how Flow-Theory can be successfully applied to the teaching and training professions and improve course design as well as lead to better learning experiences;

2) to experience as a scholar and academic person how modern Serious Games can be used as an innovative teaching tool in future courses; and

3) to strengthen the professional identity and awareness of personal skills of course participants as future colleagues.

International Business Project

A joint case solving course co-organized with the University of North Carolina (UNC). Students of Corvinus University and UNC team up for 7 weeks to work in mixed teams and to solve the problems of a real business organization.

Case competition organization

We take part in organizing the annual Central European Case Competition (CECC) held every spring since 2019, with top universities attending from around the world. We provide the academic side of the event, participate in writing the cases, evaluating the solutions, and recruit students to accompany the visiting teams. 
More details about CECC can be found here: http://cecc-competition.eu/

Participation in international case competitions

We coach our top students to be able to successfully participate in the best case competitions across the globe for many years now.

Our most recent results:

Heavener International Case Competition, University of Florida, Florida, USA (2020): 4th place

McDonough Business Strategy Challenge, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA (2020): Semi-finals

BI International Case Competition, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway (2020): 1st place and 3rd place

RSM Star Case Competition, Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands (2020): 1st place (short case)

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