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Business Case Methods Centre of Excellence

The Business Case Methods Centre of Excellence (BCMCE) is an informal collective of accomplished colleagues within the Institute of Business Economics. We strive to be the centre of excellence for educational methods using case studies and for coaching students participating in case competitions at every level, let it be national or global. We also intend to be a knowledge hub towards fellow lecturers using or intending to use case methods in their courses, in Hungary and globally as well. 
The Managing Director of BCMCE is Zsolt Matyusz, you can contact him for any further information: zsolt.matyusz@uni-corvinus.hu

Scope of interest

Our focus encompasses all things that can appear in the life of an organization from the top management business point-of-view, with a holistic approach. We put ourselves into the role of a consultant and present our ideas as such. Every method related to the development and application of case studies is relevant to us. A vital aspect of our attention is the interactive, problem-based improvement of student competencies.

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