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Centre for Gender and Culture

The aim of the Centre is to coordinate the gender related educational and research activities at the CUB, and to connect our university to the national and international scientific network of the discipline.

In its intellectual orientation and interest the Centre tries to combine what is know in the international scientific community as Gender Studies, a Women’s Studies, a Feminist Studies and Men’s Studies. Thus the research and educational activities of our Centre include both women and men in their focus.

The Centre would like to play an intermediating role for scholars working at various departments and organizational units within the CUB and at other research and higher education institutions in Hungary. In this sense the Centre is inter-institutional and inter- disciplinary.
We regard the institutionalization of our international network to be crucial. We would like to take a more active role in the education carried out in foreign languages at our University, and to participate in the international scientific community.
We would also like to build on the PhD students interested in gender studies. Our prime focus is to involve the participants of the PhD programs at our university, but we would also like to establish forums run by our PhD students that would bring in interested students from PhD programs accredited at other universities.

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