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Enterprise Development Centre

Welcome to the page of the Enterprise Development Centre

The Research Centre forBusiness Development was founded within theCorvinus Business School, Institute of Business Economics in February 2009. Inthe centre of its professional activities was the multi-angled and at the sametime integrative approach of business development. The research centre representsthe value-oriented approaches supporting the management and development of businessperformance based on business economics, and thus matches the strategicelements with the operational level, process-oriented development.

By founding the Centre wewould like to provide a formal framework for the research and development activitiesof the Institute of Business Economics and its cooperation with otherorganizations and organizational units, and we wish to do that on the basis of commonprofessional background and approaches (value-orientation, strategic thinking,focus on performance, process-orientation, stakeholder model)  and disciplines representing synergies. Ouraim is to contribute to the internal professional collaborations, theintegration of the different approaches, and to represent an approach with amore thorough picture about business operations in both education and research.

In the 2010 July-Augustspecial issue of Vezetéstudomány you can read the articles of the Centre’s membersabout corporate, market and economic efficiency. The articles are downloadablehere.

Founding members of the Centreare:

Dr. László Reszegi, Centre Director

Dr. Ágnes Wimmer, Vice-Director

Dr. György Boda

Dr. Krisztina Demeter

Halászné Dr. Erzsébet Sipos

Kazainé Annamária Ónodi

Dr. Erzsébet Könczöl

Réka Matolay

Richárd Szántó

Dr. Gyöngyi Vörösmarty 

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