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The CIHES in connection with the ’Hungarian Higher Education’ annual conferences has published a strategic progress report in the last two years, which reviewed and assessed the most important processes in the higher education of the past year. In addition, the Research Centre regularly publishes in the CIHES working papers series the results of various researches conducted by its members. The written materials related to CIHES events also appear in this publication, while the more thorough materials are placed in books and other publications.

Strategic Progress Reports of CIHES, concerning the Hungarian higher education 
Progress reports can be downloadad in English by clicking on the links below.
CIHES Working Paper series
Working papers available in English:

Working papers available in Hungarian (detailed abstract is available in English by clicking on the link:
CIHES Working Paper No.11. Autonomies in higher education. Working papers (2013)
CIHES Working Paper No.6.  Hungarian Higher Education 2010. Conference papers (2010)
CIHES Working Paper No.4.  Hungarian Higher Education 2009. Conference papers (2009)
CIHES Working Paper No.2. Working papers (2009)
Books published by CIHES
All books are in Hungarian, but a detailed abstract is available in English by clicking on the link.
Gergely Kováts - Zoltán Rónay (Eds.) (2019): In search of excellence in higher education. CIHES, 2019.
Gergely Kováts - József Temesi (Eds.) (2018): A magyar felsőoktatás egy évtizede. 2008-2017. (A decade in Hungarian higher Education 2008-2017) NFKK, 2018. (in Hungarian)
Gergely Kováts (Ed.) (2016): A kancellári rendszer bevezetése a magyar felsőoktatásban. Tapasztalatok és várakozások. (The introduction of the chancellor system into the Hungarian higher education. Experience and expectations.) CIHES, Budapest, 2016. (in Hungarian)
Ildikó Hrubos (Ed.) (2012): Elefántcsonttroronyból világítótorony.  A felsőoktatási intézmények misszóinak bővülése, változása. (From Ivory Tower to Lighthouse. Expansion and Transformation of Higher Education Institutions’ Mission). AULA Kiadó.  Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest (in Hungarian)
József Temesi (Ed.) (2012): Felsőoktatás finanszírozás. Nemzetközi tendenciák és a hazai helyzet (Financing higher education – International trends and national positions.) AULA Kiadó.  Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest

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