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Corvinus SAP Next-Gen Lab Research Centre

Corvinus SAP Next-Gen is an innovation community that connects businesses, students, start-ups, academic thinkers, researchers, and enterprises based on the functionality of the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system, combining the latest technologies. The network created by the initiative gives university partners access to the latest technologies in areas such as IoT, machine learning, analytics, big data, design thinking, blockchain, data intelligence. Its main research interests include industry 4.0, business intelligence, eSCM, process management, and technology-assisted learning.  


The main objective of the research centre is to promote education and research:

  • testing, promoting and integrating cutting-edge technologies intoeducation
  • developing more intense, direct industrial, business relationships
  • developing our innovation capacity by launching R&D co-operations andresearch projects
  • providing the workforce trained in target areas of market-leading companiesand technologies,
  • carrying out complex projects for the professional improvement of students
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