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Sustainability Indicators Research Centre

The Sustainability Indicators Research Center (SuRC) is an academic community conducting strategic research in the field of sustainability management and sustainability indicators. Our activity focuses primarily on companies and individuals. We are seeking answers to questions such as:

  • How can the carbon footprint be measured at the individual, corporate, supply chain or even national level? Under what conditions can carbon reduction strategies be more effective? How can corporate carbon strategies be typified? What are the typical carbon strategies in different economic sectors?
  • How can the ecological footprint be measured at the individual or national level? What is the relationship between a sustainable lifestyle, ecological and carbon footprint, and subjective well-being? How to reduce the carbon footprint of households? How is sustainable consumption related to subjective well-being?
  • How can sustainable business models support us in moving towards a more sustainable economy?
    The Research Center belongs to the Institute of Business Economics, but its members work in several institutes, they are connected by targeted joint research.
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