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Demography and Economics Research Centre

The Demography and Economics Research Centre engages in basic and applied research on the economic impact of demographic processes in the context of both global trends and Hungarian specificities. The ageing of the population represents a serious economic challenge in nearly every European country, but also in many other countries worldwide.

A somewhat different issue, which however is intimately linked to ageing is the decline of the fertility rate. In addition, it is associated with the role of younger versus older citizens on the labour market as well as how this effects economic growth. The Research Centre focuses on these challenges by using studies published by others and through own model building, data collection and calculations. The Centre conducts research in the specific field of how market conditions are driven by demographic trends. One of the goals of the Research Centre is to implement research results in education in the form of thesis seminars, elective courses, and possibly specialisation courses. As a continuous objective, the Research Centre targets external sponsorship sources by making use of the opportunities offered by the organisational framework.

The launching date of the Demography and Economics Research Centre was 16 March 2015, the day on which the Council of the School of Economics decided upon its establishment. As the Research Centre does not have an allocated budget, it has no rules on contracts. The establishment of the Demography and Economics Research Centre was endorsed by the meeting of the University Council following the meeting of the School Council.

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