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AMASS Project

AMASS – Acting on the Margins: Arts as Social Sculpture project, 2020-2023, (Reg. No. 870621), is supported by the Socioeconomic and Cultural Transformations in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution subprogram of the EU HORIZON 2020-SC6 Framework Program.    

About the project

In February2020, the Department of Communication and Media Theory of the Institute ofCommunication and Sociology of CUB started the realisation of AMASS – Acting on the Margins: Arts asSocial Sculpture project of the EUHORIZON 2020-SC6 Framework Program. This project is related to the Socioeconomic and CulturalTransformations in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution subprogram,and intends to develop cognitive and affective skills of disadvantaged youththrough arts-based interventions.

The projectteam involves eight countries who will collaborate under the co-ordination ofthe University of Lapland until January 2023. Partners of CUB, research centre for the Hungarian project are theLudwig Museum Budapest, the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts / National Galleryand the Hungarian Association of Teachers of Art (HATA). The Head of the Hungarianresearch group is Prof. Dr. Andrea Kárpáti, the Senior Investigator is Prof.Dr. Petra Aczél.

Researchand development tasks include the provision of communication training todevelop effective self-expression, a basic workplace skill for young Romaniwomen. Their digital literacy will also be enhanced as they acquire thedevelopment of online media, to be used for their enterprises or to strengthentheir cultural identity. The museums and their partner schools will providesensitising training and cognitive development to support learning liberal artsdisciplines for socially disadvantaged children and youth in state care.  HATA and its partner, the Genuine PearlFoundation provides in-service training and mentoring for teachers of isolated,small schools who teach students with mental and behaviour problems. The newonline journal, Visual Culture, will support this professional community withthe introduction to inspiring research and practice.

In linewith the highly prestigious research program of the European Union, HORIZON2020,the research group at CUB will conduct developmental skills studies oncommunication skills, creativity and resilience. Collections of researchreports in English and Hungarian, a monography and several journal publicationsare expected from the seven members of our Institute of Communication andSociology, and our graduate and undergraduate students.

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