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Published scientific publications

  • Koczkás, Sára – Vaszkun, Balázs (2018): The Influence of Ideologies on Chinese Management Characteristics and its Relevance in Cross-Cultural Management Between China and the European Union. Vezetéstudomány, vol. 5/2018, pp. 28-37.
  • Milassin, Anda Nóra: When something is not 100 %, then it is 0%’. Korean culture – from Hungarian point of view (under publication, Vezetéstudomány)

Scientific publications under review

  • Milassin, Anda Nóra: Interpretation of cultural disparities experienced in cross-cultural interaction in South Korean culture — from a Hungarian perspective (PhD thesis)

Doctoral dissertation

  • Does Confucius have a say on management today? Empirical evidence from Asia and Europe (European Journal of International Management; Submission ID: EJIM-18312)
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