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Institute of Global Studies

Departments of the Institute of Global Studies

The Institute of Global Studies was established in 2022, even though its two departments – the Department of International Relations and the Department of World Economy – have been part of the university for more than half a century, whereas the collaboration between these two communities goes back much further than this newly established Institute. Our Institute is present at all three levels of education (undergraduate, master and PhD): in addition to the Hungarian and English-language BA programmes in International Relations, the Institute hosts two English-language MA programmes – International Relations and International Economy and Business – and also runs two PhD programmes in the Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science. These programmes are among the most popular programmes at the University, with significant oversubscription year after year. The Institute’s academic community has a multidisciplinary, diverse teaching and research portfolio, reflecting the challenges of our times, and a significant international network. Exploiting the synergies between the two disciplines, the Institute aims to achieve even greater teaching and research results than before through continuous development of its programmes and courses, as well as through international research and publications.

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