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Department of Business Law



The Department of Business Law is a part of the university’s School of Business.  We also teach at the foundational level in the university’s School of Economics.  The focus of the Department of Business Law is on the teaching and research of legal subjects closely associated with business matters.  The main subjects on which the Department of Business Law concentrates are:


– commercial contract law;

– corporate law;

– trade law;

– European Union internal market law;

– financial law;

– tax law;

– public economic law; and

– labor law.


Business law topics are taught at the university in both Hungarian and English.  

In the context of subjects taught by the Department, members of the Department regularly provide guidance and undertake supervisory activities related to theses and TDK papers.


The Department of Business Law has been operating since 2013 as a part of the university’s Institute of Finance, Accounting and Economic Law.  The Department currently has eleven faculty members. These faculty members are assisted by adjunct faculty.  The Department has been headed by Balázs Bodzási since July 1, 2017.


In addition to their work as university lecturers, members of the Department also work as practicing lawyers and in the judicial, arbitration and tax advisory fields. Many members of our Department also have experience in international trade law and are members of international professional associations.


As a forum for publishing research of the Department, we launched the journal Corvinus Law Papers in 2015. The primary purpose of the journal is to publish results of research conducted by members of the Department. Members of our Department serve as editors and editorial staff on several nationally published legal journals such as the Company Gazette, Fontes Iuris, Reports of Judgments and Court Decisions.

 It is important for our Department to maintain contact and cooperation with our students, the law faculties of other universities and the business community.

Our goal is to make legal issues arising from the day-to-day running of businesses understandable and manageable for business students.  We want to provide students with practical knowledge that will enable them successfully to identify and solve problems of a business law nature that will arise in their subsequent work.

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