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Department of Statistics

The Department carries out diverse teaching activities. We teach in undergraduate and master’s degree programmes in economics and social sciences, in doctoral programmes, and in almost all postgraduate or continuing education programmes at the University. The Department carries out research activities focused on the development and practical application of statistical methodology.

The aim of education is to provide knowledge and skills that enable students to properly use statistical information and statistical methodology when learning specialized subjects and, after graduation, in everyday work. This aim is served by the educational profile of the Department included in curricula for undergraduate study programmes (descriptive and inferential statistics, cross-sectional and time series econometrics and economic and social statistics), and by multifaceted educational activities carried out in master’s programmes (modelling type of subjects, different areas of national accounts, and topics of panel econometrics) and in postgraduate and continuing education programmes. In addition, our Department offers an independent specialization (economic and social statistics) in the Doctoral School of Business Informatics, but PhD students teaching and doing research at the Department also study in other doctoral schools. 

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