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Department of Statistics

The teaching work carried out by the Department is very diverse. We teach in undergraduate and master’s programmes in economics, business and social sciences, in doctoral programmes, as well as in postgraduate programmes at the University. A key area of research in the department is the development and practical application of statistical methodology. In addition, our colleagues have published extensively in the fields of labour market analysis, microsimulation, special forms of employment, well-being, macroeconomic and fiscal modelling, biostatistics, spatial autocorrelation, control theory and network analysis.  

Our mission is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to use statistical information and methodology in a professional manner, both in their studies and in the world of work after graduation.  

This objective is served by the teaching profile of the Department in the undergraduate curricula (descriptive statistics and statistical inferences, cross-sectional and time-series econometrics, and also economic and social statistics), as well as by the multi-faceted teaching work in the Master’s programmes (modelling subjects, different areas of national accounts, and panel econometrics), and postgraduate programmes. The department also offers a specialisation in Economics and Social Statistics at the Doctoral School of Economics, Business and Informatics.  

The department is constantly improving its teaching materials and methodology, digitising and expanding the range of programs/software packages used and taught, in order to ensure that students’ knowledge and skills are developed appropriately, so that they are always up-to-date in the labour market and even in academia.  

The colleagues at the department place great emphasis on talent management. This is partly reflected in the fact that the Department of Statistics has one of the broadest teaching assistant bases. In addition, departmental colleagues are actively involved in promoting the Scientific Students’ Associations Conference (TDK). We have our own supervised section, which receives a large number of papers each year on theoretical, methodological and empirical research topics. Many of our teachers mentor a large number of papers. In recent years, our students have achieved outstanding success in the institutional TDK sections, as well as in the national TDK sections in economics and business. 

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