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Department of Sociology

Is higher education a preserve of the elite? Is gender inequality inevitable? Has students’ drug use changed during the COVID-19 pandemic? What does the future of work look like? Who will provide care for the elderly?  

Our research at the Department of Sociology explores real world social problems in a wide range of areas such as education, family, work, migration, religion, artificial intelligence, elites or deviance.  We have a long-standing commitment to original empirical and theoretical work that addresses inequalities and promotes new understandings of existing social phenomena. Throughout our BA Sociology, MA Sociology and PhD in Sociology degrees we challenge you to develop your own opinions and ideas while becoming critical and independent thinkers. The theoretically rich and scientifically rigorous understanding of the world that our courses provide will equip you with transferable skills that are essential in navigating the world of global processes, misinformation, ‘fake news’ and big data.  

The sociology department is part of the Institute of Social and Political Science. 

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Board game night

Our dedicated peer mentors, Emma and Chanatip, brought many of our first- and second-year students together for a night of fun and games. Board games are a great way to connect and learn about each other, it was a fun night for everyone.  

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