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Introduction of Zoltán Dujisin

University position: assistant professor

Organizational unit: Institute of Social and Political Sciences

Brief introduction: Starting in the 2024/25 academic year I will join Corvinus’ long and established tradition in sociology with the exciting prospect of furthering my interests in sociology of expertise, sociology of journalism, political sociology and memory politics.

My research explores how claims to truth are legitimated through expertise, and the consequences of these processes for identity construction. I apply this approach to a) the transnational memory politics of Post-communism and; b) the growing field of disinformation expertise in an around EU institutions.

I obtained my PhD in sociology from Columbia University where I worked on post-communist memory politics under the supervision of Gil Eyal. During my PhD I also took part in co-tutelle with Sorbonne University (Paris 1) under the supervision of Antoine Vauchez and with the support of the Alliance program. Following my PhD I was awarded several prestigious postdoctoral grants. These include a Marie Curie Leading Fellow (based in Erasmus University Rotterdam), where I continued my research on memory politics but also began developing new research projects on journalism and disinformation

expertise. Subsequently, I obtained a grant from the FNRS (National Fund for Scientific Research in Belgium) and joined ORM (Organization of Media Research) at UCLouvain. FNRS has allowed me to continue and further develop my research on journalism and disinformation expertise, which now takes up most of my research time.

I have publications in leading journals such as Theory & Society, Memory Studies and History & Memory, and experience teaching in various countries, such as Hungary, the United States, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in various departments of Sociology, History, Communications and Political Science. My track-record in securing external funding includes a Marie Curie Leading fellowship, FNRS and FSR grants (Belgium), an Alliance Doctoral Mobility Grant (US-France) and several Harriman Institute (US) Fellowships. I also have a long history of academic service as a student, doctoral and research representative in Portuguese, U.S. and Belgian universities. Finally, I have a decade of experience in Journalism, working for leading Portuguese weekly Expresso and global news agency Inter Press Service. I look forward to applying this accumulated, transnational and multidisciplinary experience to an intellectually thriving university such as Corvinus.

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