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Why study for an MA in Sociology?

On a daily basis, we witness debates and arguments concerning the decline of the West, the crisis in the institution of the family, the unattained goal of gender equity, the perceived threat posed by migrants, the crisis of globalization, the rise of nationalism, the technological change that will ruin work and humanity and the imminent threat of wars. These are all about social change. If you are seeking experienced professors, access to high-quality scholarly literature, and, most importantly, methods and skills that can aid in comprehending and analysing such complex issues, we invite you to join our vibrant and close-knit community at Corvinus. Our group of dedicated lecturers and researchers is committed to collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing. This is particularly crucial in the face of the ongoing marketization of higher education, where a complex and critical approach is increasingly under pressure. Your decision to join us is not merely an opportunity but a necessity for maintaining high-quality critical social science. We specialize in analysing and discussing social change and global social issues within a historical and global-local interplay. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, watch our informative videos if you are considering this path, and if you aspire to gain a comprehensive understanding and relevant skills. We are eager to engage with you before and during your studies.

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