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Research, projects

Three main focal points of our research work  

  • Participatory aspects of marketing communication (co-creation, privacy, advertising rhetoric) – Tamás Csordás, Dóra Horváth, Éva Markos-Kujbus, Zita Komár, Attila Simay  
  • Design communication: the possibilities of the design approach in education, leadership training, scientific thinking and management decision-making – Attila Cosovan, Daniella Galla, Julianna Faludi, Dóra Horváth, Zita Komár 
  • Participation issues in higher education (transformative education, reflexivity, collective autoethnography) – Attila Cosovan, Tamás Csordás, Daniella Galla, Julianna Faludi, Dóra Horváth, Zita Komár, Éva Markos-Kujbus, Attila Simay 

Doctoral workshop and research topics related to the Department of Marketing and Design Communication: 

  • Bavlsík Richard: consumer participation, co-creation  
  • Máté Bencze: space as a catalyst for human cooperation, videography  
  • Máté Bollók: AI & Us – artificial intelligence and human creativity 
  • Attila Dinnyés: network science & design communication  
  • Balázs Fekete: dynamic identity  
  • Levente Kökény: digitalization & gamification in consumer service acceptance  
  • Gábor Megyeri: digital past – analogue future & product design  
  • Márta Merkl: experience & gastronomy & design communication  
  • Zsófia Molnár: design communication, speech and planability  
  • Namaz, Lachin: city brand engagement & expats  
  • Áron Szabó: sales-oriented business communication  
  • Sára Veronika Szász: sustainable self-branding  
  • Szerényi Szabolcs: art & advertising 
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