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General Information on the Required Placement 

A pre-requisite for being awarded a degree is a successfully finalized Placement of 160 hours (4 weeks). The objective of the Placement is to apply the acquired academic knowledge in practice. Consequently, the places for this activity are primarily Research Institutes and  Centers of Analysis,       

public administration offices, political parties or other professional organisations dealing with political science and policy issues. 

For Those Admitted Before 2017 

The placement may be completed at any time during the three years but admission to ’szigorlat’( i.e., comprehensive exam) is conditional on proof of completion of the placement. For documentation, please contact the department colleague responsible for Placement. 

For Students Admitted in 2017 or Later 

Placement appears as a compulsory 10-credit course in Neptun, to be taken in the 6th semester but the placement itself can be completed earlier. For information on the process of completing the placement and the documentation required, please see https://www.uni-corvinus.hu/fooldal/elet-a-corvinuson/hallgatoi-tanulmanyi-ugyek/szakmai-gyakorlat/ 

1. Before starting the placement the submission of an application form is required to both the department and the placement office. The form can be downloaded from the University website. https://www.uni-corvinus.hu/fooldal/elet-a-corvinuson/hallgatoi-tanulmanyi-ugyek/szakmai-gyakorlat/ 

2. By signing the application form, the instructor responsible for Placement approves the place. The placement can only be started if the application form has been accepted. 

3. The completion of placement is to be certified by submitting the evaluation form by the head of the office of placement. The form for the supervisory evaluation can be downloaded from the University’s website at https://www.uni-corvinus.hu/fooldal/elet-a-corvinuson/hallgatoi-tanulmanyi-ugyek/szakmai-gyakorlat/ and has to be completed and returned to the Placement Office (original copy) or to the placement supervisor (copy or scanned copy). The completion of the internship must be recorded by the supervisor in Neptun. 

The profile of the host institutions is varied and most of our students find a placement according to their own interests. If you organise your own placement you should contact the Placement Office in advance. We keep our students informed about placement vacancies and if necessary we can help them find a suitable placement. 

In the past years, our students spent their placement at the following institutions: HAS research centers (Institute for Political Science, Institute for Minority Studies, Hungarian National Assembly,  Defense Ministry, Századvég, Nézőpont Institute, Republikon Institute, Policy Solutions. 

If you have any questions, please contact  

Dr. Várnagy Réka reka.varnagy@uni-corvinus.hu Rektori Szervezet / Társadalom- és Politikatudományi Intézet / Politikatudományi Tanszék
Egyetemi docens / Associate Professor
C épület, 530
Phone: +36 1 482 7380 • Ext: 7380
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