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When shall I start the admission procedure?

The application deadline is February 15th 2018 for Hungarian students who apply via felvi.hu. Information about the deadline for applicants from abroad will be uploaded soon.


What do I need for the admission?

Hungarian students can find all the information regarding the requiered documents and certifications on felvi.hu.

Other applicants from abroad need the following application package:

  • A completed application form (online form)
  • An authenticated copy of the BA/BSc degree
  • An official transcript of studies
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A motivation letter
  • A copy of applicant’s passport
  • A copy of receipt proving payment of application fee

My BA/BSc degree is NOT in the fields of Economy and Business. Can I apply for your program?


Yes, you can. Admission to the program requires certain number of credits gained from previous studies. There is a wide range of subjects/courses which can be recognised, such as methodological subjects, macro-and microeconomics, statistics, courses in geography, environmental economics and environmental studies, business studies, social sciences etc.

We provide opportunity to complete some catch up courses whilst you're studying at our university. Please send us the transcript of your studies (list of all courses you've completed during your BA/BSc studies), so we can see which areas you require additional education in.

What is the tuition fee and the cost of living in Budapest?


Tuition fee: 400.000 Ft (about EUR 1300) + 170.000 Ft (about EUR 550) foreign language training fee per semester.

Students need about EUR 450 – 750 per month to cover all expenses.

Accommodation: about EUR 250 – 400 per month per person, depending on the size and location of the flat as well as on the number of students sharing it.

Living costs (food, transport, miscellaneous): about EUR 200 – 400 per month.

Academic related expenses (student ID, books, photocopying, etc.): about EUR 50 – 100 per semester.

What lectures will I have?


You can find the curricula of the Regional and Environmental Economics MA here.

How can I gain international experience?


Our Institute helps students to take part in international exchange programs, get scholarships and study abroad. Students of the program are also supported to find a traineeship position at Hungarian organisations, companies and EU institutions.

What do I need for completing the Regional and Environmental Economics MA program?


Students should accomplish 30 credits on average in each semester, a total of 120 credits by the end of the 2nd year. For graduation, you will have to hand in an accepted thesis work, and take part in the final examination comprised of a defense to support your thesis work, and an oral examination of the required subjects.

What employment possibilities will I have after graduation?

There is a wide range of job opportunities for our graduates. You have very good chances to find your way in governmental or non-governmental institutions and in the business sector as well or you can continue your studies and research in a PhD program at Corvinus University of Budapest (for example in our institute’s Geopolitical doctoral program).


Last modified: 2018.11.30.