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Corvinus Entrepreneurship Platform


About Us

Corvinus Entrepreneurship Platform  is a set of initiatives helping newly starting businesses to take off successfully.

CEP is more than a platform; it’s a dynamic ecosystem fostering the growth of groundbreaking business projects. Located at the vibrant Gellért Campus, our dedicated spaces are pulsating with the energy of young innovators, industry experts, and creative minds poised to redefine the entrepreneurial landscape.

The Platform launches on 22 March 2024, with the first Boost Program Info Session and Team Building event. This will be followed by an intensive 5-week co-creation business launch journey assisted by trainers and mentors. We will listen to your ideas and questions and help you build a better product, get more users or raise money.

The Boost Program is a bespoke 5-week series of hands-on training and mentoring for budding founders like yourself. We invite you to be part of a community  to transform your business ideas into investor pitches. Our program is crafted to refine and elevate your project, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to make a compelling case to potential investors.

Corvinus Entrepreneurship Platform offers the following:

Co-working space
Dedicated offices
Meeting rooms
Venue space
Demo Days

For Students

This place is for you if you have half-baked ideas, a working prototype or a registered company with revenue generating capacity. No matter the stage of your startup you will benefit from our programs and services. You can apply as a team, but we equally welcome individual applicants.

You can find inspiration, co-founders, mentors and great events.

You can take your startup to the next level: validated value proposition, more customers, increased revenue, the next investment round.

You can meet industry experts, investors, your future team members and a host of people enthusiastic about startups and innovation.

Last but not least we offer students the opportunity to co-create the innovation ecosystem that you would want to work in, a fun, conducive and motivating environment.

Boost Program

Boost Program is a bespoke 5-week scheme. Its goal is to get you from idea to investable venture stage. Week-on-week you refine your entrepreneurial skills with experienced professionals until you become a master of the art. You will then be ready to pitch your idea in under 3 minutes to investors with deep pockets.

Structure of the program

Introduction, Team roles and team building exercises

Business Model Canvas (BMC) and Lean Startup Methodology

Customer Discovery, Business Hypothesis testing and validation

Financial planning

B2B Marketing, Go-to-Market Strategy 

Business Planning basics 

Roadmapping, Intellectual Property Management 

Competitive Landscape, 1-pager, IP Management, Pitch Deck Structure

Pitch training, dry runs 

Mentor feedback 

To participate, please answer the following questionnaire. Application deadline: 17 March 2024, 11:59 PM

The application period is now over, thank you for your interest!
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