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Friday, 2014. July 11.
11:00 - Meghívó Szűcs Viktória PhD értekezésének nyilvános vitájára
A B.C.E. Tájépítészeti és Tájökológiai Doktori Iskolája meghívja Önt Szűcs Viktória "Az élelmiszeripari adalékanyagok fogyasztói kockázat-észlelése" című PhD értekezésének 2014.júl...
Thursday, 2014. July 17.
10:00 - Meghívó okleválátadó ünnepi kari tanácsülésre
A Kertészettudományi Kar 2014. július 17-én 10.00 órai kezdettel tartja oklevélátadó ünnepi tanácsülését a Fővám téren.

MLA - Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture


The Faculty of Landscape Architecture offers a 4-semester Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture (MLA) Programme, which can be followed full-time and part-time (thematic semesters are offered separately). The MLA Programme provides a unique opportunity for master or bachelor graduates to invest in their future. It will enable professionals to become an innovative landscape architect, a leading landscape designer who analyses and develops all sorts of open space and landscape plans, based on a thorough understanding of landscape planning and design theory and practice.

  • 4-semester degree programme or single semesters as part time
  • Linking theory to practice
  • Linking landscape design to planning
  • English taught programme

Academic award: Master of Arts accredited by IFLA Europe and Hungarian Accreditation Board

A step in your career

The course will enable participants to advance their career opportunities in an international platform. It provides a series of landscape design themes from urban open spaces projects to historic gardens and landscapes or the renewal and reclamation of protected or non-protected landscapes. The course enables a direct link between theory and practice, and between landscape design projects and large scale landscape planning concepts. The programme is announced at the Corvinus University of Budapest, the only Hungarian institute for landscape architecture education with a more than 100 years long practice in this field. In the form of invited professors, lecturers and trainers the CUB also offers an international network of professional landscape designers, landscape architects and professional lecturers and trainers. Students/Participants will benefit from the project based education methodology with a focus on the Central European landscape which offers a challenge in protection and development of green networks and landscape heritage. Professors and lecturers have practice in the Central and the whole European region thus creating a possibility to discuss and initiate programmes and projects in your country.


The IFLA Europe has recognised the course as an academic master programme based on assessment by Quality Assurance. The stringent quality criteria applied by the Hungarian Accreditation Board are based on European standards for higher education.

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