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Our events:

Annual Financial Market Liquidity Conference

Since 2010, we have the pleasure to organize an event related to financial market liquidity. 

The aim of the conference is to bring together academics and practitioners to discuss state-of-the-art results in the broader field of financial market liquidity. These topics include:

- Market Liquidity and Funding Liquidity; 
- Liquidity Aspects of Systemic Risk; 
- Game Theoretic Aspects of Liquidity and Financial Markets; 
- Global Liquidity (both Public and Private) and Regulations; 
- Leverage and Macroeconomic Determinants; 
- Market Microstructure; 
- Asset Pricing and Management with Illiquid Assets; 
- Illiquid Alternative Investments and Asset Innovations. 

Details: http://liquidityconference.uni-corvinus.hu/

Corvinus Lectures in Finance

Dating back to 2012, our department initiated a series of events that included lectures open to our students, alumni and the larger public. The event continue today, and host professionals from the corporate world who talk on selected topics in finance ranging from current market events impacting their firms to novice scientific findings. Our aim is to:
1. provide our academic and professional partners with a platform to reach out to an educated and highly-motivated audience;
2. open the opportunity for our alumni to meet and interact, with the purpose of maintaining contact with their Alma Mater and for furthering their knowledge;
3. keep our current students up-to-date with the industry’s latest achievement, development and news.

Further details: here

Corvinus Financial Research Seminar

The Corvinus Financial Research Seminar series are hosted by the Corvinus University of Budapest and coordinated by the Corvinus Financial Research Centre. The seminars have three main goals:

A) Research Seminar
The lecturers give a detailed overview of their research projects. The lecturers submit their working papers to the community of the research centre and also hold a presentation. We provide a discussant for the paper if required. This event is open for external researchers as well.

B) Early Bird Research Talks
Nowadays, there is a growing number of conferences where presenters can present and discuss their research in its early stage. These events function as a brainstorming and first feedback hub. This is an ideal event for PhD students and colleagues with early stage research to develop their research project.

C) Faculty/Department Development Events
These discussion are related to the practical aspects of research activities (for example novelties in impact factor calculations, database systems, etc.). Introduction of new books, textbooks (written by our colleagues) or open discussions of upcoming research projects and applications are also welcome.

Further details: here


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