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Survey on the Civic Integration of Immigrants

The Centre for Empirical Social Research – operating within the framework of the Institute of Sociology and Social Policy of Corvinus University of Budapest – has conducted a piece of research with the support of the European Integration Fund (EIF) entitled “Survey on the Civic Integration of Immigrants”. The aim of the research was to explore the integration, as well as the political and civic participation, of third-country nationals (from here on referred to as ‘immigrants’ or ‘migrants’). We examined how political and civic activities are interpreted within immigrant circles and within the (Hungarian) host society, and how this relates not only to material, cultural and social resources, but also to identity, action potential, and the sense of fairness and dignity.

Research report

Citizens' Jury on Integration of Migrants

A survey, focus groups and interviews have been conducted and two civic discussion events were organized among Hungarian citizens and migrants in 2009. The results are available in Hungarian:


The aim of the project is to assess the integration of migrants from the point of view of the concerned target groups and to elaborate recommendations based on Citizen’s Jury in order to provide strategic support for the migration and integration policy. The primary target group is the policy decision makers – thus the efficiency of the project depends on how useful the results will be for them.
Hungary still has time to prepare for the elaboration of mutually advantageous forms of cohabitation and integration in a proactive way. The project aims to give an innovative answer for this challenge.
The project consists of three main elements one leading to the next:

  • Review of previous researches,
  • Provide an insight on the opinions and attitudes regarding integration of political decision makers, institutions in charge, host society and migrants themselves,
  • Formulate citizen’s recommendations regarding migration and integration policy

Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement European Foundation of Integration of third-country migrants

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