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Application steps

ADMISSION CALENDAR (2019 Admission: 22 November - 9 December)



You can apply for CEMS MIM during your first master semester if you start your master studies in September. Your CEMS MIM terms will be in parallel with your second year at your Corvinus Master programme. (semester 3 and 4)

If you start your Corvinus master programme in Spring you can apply in November prior to the beginning of your master programme. Your CEMS MIM terms will be semester 2 and 3.

If you start your Corvinus master programme in Spring you can also apply in your 2nd semester then you have to make sure to be active in the 5th semester of your Master studies. Your CEMS MIM terms will be your 4th and 5th semesters.



This semester we have renewed our selection process to the CEMS programme in order to provide a bigger application experience for you while we get a better insight into your profile, skills and competencies.

There are TWO WAYS to apply: you either go the traditional way with extracurricular scores and with an interview, or you go for the Assessment Centre. It is important that you can only choose one way to apply.

In both cases there is a new element: instead of the letter of motivation, you are required to send a 1-2-minute long motivational video along with the application package.

Please click on the pictures to see further information.

Preference list:

  • Please consider the living expenses in the chosen countries
  • Fill in all 8 preferences to give us enough choices
  • You will get your semester abroad place according to your score
  • You can indicate which semester you would like to spend abroad (if you don’t mind which, tick both fall and spring)
  • If you go abroad in the spring semester you will not be able to graduate in spring (your transcript will not arrive in time or your semester will not finish in time)
  • You can read about experiences of pervious CEMS students here: http://cemsclubbudapest.com/category/blog/
  • CEMS quotas

Downloadable documents

Please click on the pictures to download the documents.

Application via the traditional way:

Application via Assessment Centre:

Late submission: Only English language exam results are accepted until the end of January, but proof of registration for the exam and payment receipt have to be handed in November in your application package



Admission Board: Academic Director, Corporate Partner representative, language expert, Program Manager, Corporate Relations Manager, CEMS Club representative

Evaluation Criteria:


How to prepare?

Learn about the Academic and corporate partners at www.cems.org, be prepared to talk about yourself and your motivation, international experiences, work experience, your extracurricular activities, current global issues etc.

In case of unsuccessful application to CEMS, your application package will be transferred to the ERASMUS OFFICE if you applied for an Erasmus exchange semester in November in Mobility.



1. Group Exercise

With 3-4 fellow-applicants of yours, you will get a business issue/economic problem to perform a solution together while you are being watched and evaluated by assessors. These assessors will make their observations, and give you a score based on your respective contributions to the overall exercise.

The responsibilities of the group will be:

Effective team working requires team members to co-operate, listen to each other, communicate clearly, share knowledge and information, show commitment to the team and task and be supportive.

You don't need to do any preparation in advance, we believe your intellectual potential shall be a valuable part of the solution.

Your individual responsibilities in the group will be:

Making an effective contribution.


Technical information:

Timeframe: 90 minutes

Available tools: Pen and paper


Tips for Group Work Exercises

1. Speak up. It is important to put forward ideas and contribute to the team. The assessors can’t give you any marks if they haven’t heard you speak.

2. Keep your contributions short.

3. Avoid interrupting other team members and avoid being interrupted.

4. Encourage other team members: if a team member hasn't said anything, try to get them involved in the discussion.

5. Keep an eye on the time.

6. Be prepared to change your argument.You need to be able to show that you can accept a new direction, if better ideas or information are presented to you.

7. Sometimes, it is also important to ensure your ideas are fully considered without holding up the group. It is also your responsibility to point out any issues or doubts.

8. Be professional: Don't lose your temper and keep your volume and tone under control.


2. Individual Exercise: Guesstimation

In essence, these questions involve a short case or analysis in which you must try to estimate a value you probably had never considered estimating before. The process of solving a guesstimate problem is not that complicated: look at the possible parameters that may affect the final quantity, and estimate its numbers.

During this exercise you will need to:

  • Break down the problem into logical pieces
  • Walk the interviewer through how you are approaching the problem
  • Try to determine appropriate assumptions for the value of key figures in each of those pieces

Technical framework:

Timeframe: 15-20 minutes

Available tools: flipchart/whiteboard


Tips for the individual exercise:

  1. Clarify the question, make sure you and the interviewers are on the same page on every assumption.
  2. Scope the problem. Ask questions to clarify the scope of the problem in question.
  3. Break down the problem into small pieces.
  4. Use estimation and judgement to solve each piece.
  5. Consolidate all of the pieces into a conclusion.
  6. Be very structured in your approach and write out your numbers and assumptions in a clear manner.




We believe the motivation letter is outdated in this digital disruptive world, while we all agree that we will gain more information about you as a person if you summarize for us what we need to know about you in a short video. We believe that skills and competencies shall be measured through real business situations, not only by the academic results.


What do we expect from you to answer in the video?


1.    Motivation to enter the CEMS MIM programme;

2.    The reason why you believe you are an ideal candidate for a CEMS MIM degree;

3.    Motivation behind the choice of foreign universities (for the first three institutions);

4.    Long term objectives;

5.    Anything else you think is beneficial for us to know about you.


Technical information:

Dress code: Business-like/business casual/the way you will come to the personal meeting

Length: max. 2 minutes

Please name the video: Surname_Forename_INT if you are applying via the traditional way and Surname_Forename_AC if you are applying via the Assessment Centre.

Upload the video to your personal drive (it can be Google Drive, O365 OneDrive etc.) and share the link with us on the following e-mail address: cems(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu



MSc in Marketing in English: http://isp.uni-corvinus.hu/index.php?id=29592
MSc in Business Information Systems: http://isp.uni-corvinus.hu/index.php?id=25289


Last modified: 2019.12.04.